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  Online Test Builder for education  

  Online Test Builder allows to create, update and delete questions if it’s not being used, this is designed to prevent any abnormality during the test and having orphan tests without questions. If a question is being used in any test update will simply not take place. The maintenance period gives the time limit to the management to change tests or questions. The maintenance period allows clean up any unwanted questions or tests or remove student or candidate from the test.
Test Builder is provisioned to build any kind of tests supporting multiple-choice questions, Single Type Questions, and Descriptive Type Questions, 

   Online Test Builder has advanced Question Maker Software which allows questions to be managed. All question belongs to a topic and topic belong to sub-category and the sub-category belongs to a category.
There is a number of panels associated with Question View. Question(s) can be viewed in a general scope or Question(s) can be viewed in hierarchical mode. Both facilities are provided by the Question Bank Software for Online Test Creator Software and Online Test Creation Software. 

   Online Test Builder allows the construction part of the tests. Test in any language can be generated or built using Online Test Builder.   A facility is provided for objective or descriptive type tests.  Test Builder has various options for Single choice or Objective choice, MCQ Software which makes tests or assessments simpler for management or institutes.  Test Builder is made restrictive during tests stopping anyone from making changes to questions. 

   Online Test Builder has a number of attributes to facilitate the scheduling of tests. 

   Online Test Builder provides expiry and canceling of tests as well along with various other options. Multiple Choice Question Software and Test Creation Software are part of the test builder. 


Test Builder and Exam Builder  Comparison

Online test builder is designing and constructing local tests for education purposes and organizations. Whereas exam builder provides full and comprehensive exam facilities for valuations.

The objective for the online test and the online exam is exactly the same but feeds in information for internal auditing and the exam provides external auditing.

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