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 Our Exam Builder provides full editing suite for building exams for school, colleges and universities including multiple choice question software, single choice question, and descriptive questions and various exam parameters to construct an exam for any level or any standards. Our question bank software provides all the questions required for constructing and building exam papers electronically.  

 It allows building a different level of exams based on school standards and level of students. Exam builder caters for grammar, private, public, comprehensive or government-run local schools or colleges.  

 Exams and building process the heart of the system which builds exams and schedules students to use exam papers and deliver them to the organization. The complexity is within the question itself which can be of any type simple or complex.  

 Online Exam Builder allows choosing a random selection of questions or sequential selection both taken from the question bank database. Question bank software can have as many questions as the organization needs or desire.  

Exam builder is able to build exams or test based on Category. Subsequently,  can build on subcategory or topic level. Giving examiner finer control over exams, examinations or tests.  Question Maker Software and MCQ Software works in conjunction with the exam builder to produce unique exams for students.

 Online Exam Builder interface is two-fold designed for Students as well as Exam Software for delivering exam functionality. When students are taking exams, the online exam builder selects the next question to be delivered to the student. In case of navigation is flexible exam builder delivers the next question, the previous question or jump to any question desired by the students. Students are free to navigate to any question with flexible switch and for more restrictive exams students are only able to take and deliver sequential questions.  

 Administers on the other end manages all exams and logistic and puts as a complete comprehensive package for the organization for mock exam software and final exams.  

What is Exam Builder

  Online Exam Builder  

   Which provides sets of exams for mock or final exams to the institute and education places.  

  Which can provide a question bank with a multitude of questions consisting of multiple-choice question, single type question and descriptive questions?  

  With descriptive and subjective types of questions allowing a full suite of editing facilities in any language or shape or form.  

  In which one can add text with a different type of style, font, colour, size, image, mathematics formula’s, table and alignments.  Online Exam Software is the end product built from topic questions and online exam builder.

  Flexible editor simplifies exam question creation. With Online Question Builder and single choice, question creator gives additional facility. Text plays a major role in any exams or tests, our exams builder is designed with the essay writing and descriptive exams. 

  It has full availability and there is no limitation to the number of questions in the system and no limitation to a number of exams either taken a first time or repeated number of times with no accessibility issues.

   Which is seamless and provides electronics format papers for other institute and organization to share and to built qualitatively on top of it. It should be consistent across the system and re-usable by a number of students concurrently. 

  Exam Builder Software  

Exam Builder Software 

 Our Exam Builder Software is cloud-based allowing any number of exams to be built either for local schools or board exams.  Exam Builder Software provides full flexibility for any type of exams either its objective type questions or subjective type questions.

 In our Exam Builder Software, all the answers are given separate marks and separate weighting giving versatility to online marking.  For a simple answer you can provide low marks and for a complex answer provide maximum marks. There is no restriction on allocating marks.

 Exam Builder Software provides negative marking as well where students can be penalized by providing wrong or un-related answer.


  Online Test Plus plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on enquiry@onlinetestplus.com  

  We are currently providing Free Online Test Plus to everyone for 3 months. if you want to take advantage,
please call us on +44 20 8090 3452  

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