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Online Exam System

Exam System is designed for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutes, education establishment places and employment agencies to deliver exams and publish results to students, Examination System provides board examinations. Our Exam Management Software provides exams at the board and at the local level to facilitate examination.  Online Examination System designed for board examinations whereas exam system used for exam preparation and practice exams. One can consider that the exam system can also be used for practice tests. Online practice provides the best learning and effective for students. During the exam, strict guidelines are followed and exam date timetable adheres to it. Our examination process is fully automated and no manual intervention is required. Our software allows the proctored exam schedule where a series of exams can be taken. 

Exam Creator Software enables local and official exam creation where, teachers, administrator or examiners can create exams based on school capacity and standard.

The exam management system is best suited for graduate programs. Our exams can be conducted individually or as a group of students like classes. The examination timetable is similar to any official or board examination.

Online Exam Creation and management both are required to create, assemble, register and publish exams.

Examination Management System is a cloud-based system which provides seamless operations, resilience, quality and full availability. Any number of students can be added to the examination, more importantly, students are able to take examination anywhere else in the world. The same examination can be taken anywhere anytime, our system has built-in time zone rules which enable this friendly and necessary functionality. With our random selection of generating examination allows unique examination per student which gives less degree of cheating and uniqueness globally.

Examination Management Software facilitates us to view exam results of students or candidates. Examiners can allocate marks to the subjective answers manually.  Examination marking plays a major role either achieving great results or disputing marking or numbering system. With our System invigilator can be challenged as per question bank database and sub answer marking analysis is visually possible.

It has facilitated us to define an exam question level. Every exam question can have the quality and the competency level, which will provide the exam quality level for a student.   Its difficulty level helps to find out for people with difficulty level and questions can be added as desired.  This is to facilitate schools to evaluate student’s ability to acquire and capture knowledge and proof by improving performance in the examination.

A collection of multiple-choice questions and number of tests with difficulty level enables school, university and colleges to set versatile and flexible exams for students.

Assessment System or homework is built into the exam system where a student can treat exams as assessments.

  Allows questions to be set in multiple languages for various countries.  Answers can be given in Multiple Language.  

With this advanced functionality, it makes it a unique system worldwide. Exam System provides natural Subjective Question and Answers.  This facilitates all the written exams.    Question Bank System is part of the exams and allows board examination question to be built and persisted into the question bank software.

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Examination System Online


Online Examination system allows any number of students to take part in the examination simultaneously. Our system is deployed on the cloud which runs 24 x 7. Our system provides multiple examinations like English, Mathematics Geography and any other subjects.  
Questions are based on the topics with no limitation on a number of questions and number of topics.  
It has an Examination Builder Software engine. Examination builder engine enables to build the required level of examination for individual needs. 
Can have single, multiple with all apply, multiple with relevance and subjective questions. Questions can be an MCQ Software or multiple choices with six options containing text and images. The question can be written descriptive where marking is left to the examiner or invigilator directly. Examination Writing Software enables description writing questions. 
Questions are created based on category, exam sub-category or exam topic. Examination Question difficulty level for question bank enables to set exams and questions at a different level.  
 Examination Software allows setting multiple difficulty levels. Any types of examination question can be added to the question bank and then can be used by an exam builder. Exam builder and question bank software are integral complements each other and are code part of the  Examination System. 
It is designed with the next level of examination system providing cloud-based software where a number of students can take the examination through Examination System.  
Encourages students to raise their competency level. With advance difficulty level management various levels can be set to facilitate student at any level. Student login is secured only one student can take an examination at any time. The Student examination is monitored and examination is automatically closed when student examination times out or allocated time expires.  
 Examination System session management automatically times out if another student tries to make an attempt with the same credential.  Security provides double protection for students for the examination.  
All examination can be synchronized at a given time and only triggered when examination time is due. examination system provides multiple and single user credential facility which is propagated across the user session. 

 Exam System for Institutions

Provides a facility to design and build a complex set of examination questions. All the facility for students is provided to answer the exam correctly. Allows sequential or random examination question selection. With our System, the actual exam is time-bound. Which starts at a scheduled time and ends at a scheduled time. If an exam is not finished on time browser automatically submits to the system. It has manual adjustment facility to cancel, postpone or continue the exam. If an exam is terminated due to poor network exam system allows being re-scheduled. Any examination software needs to cater for failures. It has a built-in failure to allow the student to repeat exam The Exam Software manager or admin has the facility to include an exam as many times as the system allows, exam writing software for schools.

 Examination System Features 

School, College, University or Institute companies anyone can use Online Examination System for Students.  
The system is totally adaptable with a built-in permissions control engine.  
Administrator or Head can be given full accessibility or designated permissions through the system.
Examination System for Students with right permissions, administrator are able to design a dashboard for students, headteachers and faculty separately. The system is secure and well suited for sensitive student examinations. Its cloud-based technology provides additional benefits. 
It is web-based and allowed on all the devices which allow students to take the examination on their laptop or tablets saving resources and energy for schools. 
Question bank database and answers images allow the exam to be built with a mathematical equation, formulas or exam can be set for Art or any science subjects. 
Question bank database is a suitable candidate for Science and other related exams. 
Allows multiple candidates and students within class and department. Student class can have hierarchical levels. 


 Best Exam System facilities  

Exam System has an intuitive interface and easy to adapt for exams, it can be used on devices where internet facility is provided. It is web-based technology and can be used with any devices. Exam System can manage written question and objective type questions. All facilities are built into our System.  

  Has many features that make it unique and separates it from other exam systems. 
 Persists all the attempted question data in the question bank database. Which can be used to reconcile or provide grading information. 
One of the important features of the system is instantly marking an exam and generating results. 
  Automatically posts the results to the student, head of the department or any associate immediate results for the test which is just submitted by the student.  
 In a large school with thousands of students and having a scale-able system supports natural and organic growth. 
 Provides multiple scale-able users using cloud-based technology. 
 All data behind the cloud and virtual instance give 24 x 7 availability in the exam system. 
Exam System is not a time zone dependent.  

  It has a built-in time zone calculator which allows all exam management to be centralized and taken in a different part of the world or different part of the country.  Please contact us for free online exam software.

 Exam System Features

 Intuitive, compatible and reliable for conducting any type of Exam (Objective Multiple Choice Question Software or Single Choice Question Software/Subjective). Our main purpose is to provide you with a simple, feature-loaded and advance Exam Management System to conduct exams hassle-free.

  Software is a web-based application. This Examination Management System can be easily modified and customized according to the need of any Educational Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Universities or in various Training Academies.

  Cost-effective system for institutes, schools, universities and especially from a candidate’s point of view.  The system provides uniqueness security for exam questions as each student can get a random order of questions of the same subject, but doing this task is quite difficult for offline assignments.

  We can generate multiple sets of unique exams in an effortless manner. A registered student can enter the correct credentials and begin the assignment by a single click.

  By observing the above features of our Exam System, it is clear that the system is adaptive and cost-effective for both organizations as well as for the candidates.

  Student exam results are analyzed by the system automatically and the results can be viewed question by question.

  Exam results and the grading can be viewed in the PDF format with an email facility.

  Results are analyzed for Category, Sub-Category, and Topic.

  Overall performance can be configured for the organization. 

How Online Examination Works
Software For Exam Board 

What is Exam Builder 

Examination Builder 

exam taking software

Exam Management For Schools  

 Self-management of a profile is an advance and integral part of the system. Each individual can manage their profile and system manage itself no human interaction is required.  

 The exam is time-bound. Which starts at a scheduled time and ends at a scheduled time. If an exam is not finished on time browser automatically submits. 

 The Student examination is monitored and examination is automatically closed when student examination times out or allocated time expires.  Automatically times out if another student tries to make attempt with the same credential. Security provides double protection for students for the examination.  

Any number of students to take part in the examination simultaneously. Our system is deployed on the cloud which runs 24 x 7. Our system provides multiple examinations like English, Mathematics Geography and any other subjects.   

Manual adjustment facility to cancel, postpone or continue the exam. If an exam is terminated due to technical failures can be re-scheduled. 

   Exam System Solution   

 With the exam system, all the exam possibility exists. All the exam questions can be created within the system no other overheads are required. 

 For students, answers play a major role in the exam. Our exam system has a built-in negative mark, positive marks and more importantly adaptive marks are available. 

  Our marking policy is suitable for different scenarios to filter out competent and non-competent students.   

  Exam System consequently supports in different languages makes it a language friendly exam system.  

  Subsequently, as a result of countries like the UK, USA, and India where multiple languages are often used makes this a desirable and important exam system for conducting the exams. 
  With subjective and descriptive facilities makes tests and exams in English or Economics or Mathematics simpler. 

  Online Exam System having the ability to show results class wise or department wise gives HR and senior management to monitor training and programs and provide effective feedback. 

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