Online Exam Software helps you to conduct your own exams Exam Software easy to use and user friendly
Online Test Software  

Online Test Software for Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Our Online Exam Software designed for Institutes provides extended facility to set online exams remotely and provide full flexibility in class room or examination environment.
Online Examination Software designed for Boards and Institutes where they can set exams at country level and global level.
Similarly Examination Taking Software Online provides students to full access to the exams and tests remotely.
Also Exam Taking Software Online allows students and candidates to prepare for mock tests.

Online Examination Software one of the best Examination Software to conduct exams
Online Test Software  

Online Test Software can be in any language with built-in editor 

Time-bound and submitted automatically with Test Software Online 

Flexible and strictness options with software for test online 

Test Online Software Browser navigational restrictions 

Onlien Exam Software Online designed for school, college, University, institutes, and companies.
Examination Software 

Examination Software Online allows multiple students 

Examination taking Software Online has multiple, single and subjective questions. 

Online Examination Software, each question and option under it can be in different languages.  

Exam Taking Software Online
Exam Software 

Exam Software Online have Multiple and Descriptive questions 

Exam Software with advance question bank facility embedded 

Exam Software divides into category, sub-category and topic for a question 

Exam taking Software online facilitates positive marks and negative marks for a question  

Examination Taking Software Online provides boards across the world a unique and comprehensive system 

Exam Software provides facilities for foreign languages and conduct Exams
Examination Software 

Examination Software online allows auto-marking of the objective type questions  

Examination Software provides manual marking of the Subjective type questions  

Examination Software provides detailed reports of the marking of the test and assignments  

Creates full detailed report of the options marked by the students and Candidates with examination taking software online 

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Online Test Software simplified for schools whereas Online Examination Software designed for School and Exam Board. Online exam Software facilitates Institutes and Training centers. Examination Taking Software Online is for people taking examination board tests and Exam Taking Software Online for taking mock test and mock exams.  Exam Software Online and Examination Software Online all are part of same package designed modular to provide admin, heads and students facilities.

Students Examination Software, Students Exam Software, Software for Student Examination, Software for Student Examination Online, Software for Online Examination

Online Test Software

 Online Test Software is a Safe and secure facility for an organization.   Online Test Software has high-security features that keep the data stored in Exam and Test Software restricted to permitted persons only. Online Test Software usages complex algorithm to ensure the identity of the candidate and only single login is allowed from anywhere in the world. With Online Test Software any smart candidates trying to deceive the system overrides previous and session and may their right to the system.

Online Test software requires a great deal of security and surety where candidates should not be able to log in from unidentified locations.

 Online Test Software login facility is enhanced to ensure single login from all over the world.

Our Test Software for Students online manages expectation for private school and public schools where student and teachers can enjoy full benefit for taking test on line and marking test online with our Test Software Online.

Examination Software Taking Software Online, Examination Taking Software Online

 Online Exam Software For Student

Everyone thinks Exams are important but assessments are equally important in making the routine of students, keeping this thing in mind, this online exam software gives equal importance to assessments as it gives to tests and exams. Exam, Examination or Test assignment features enables school, college, and university to take homework into a new era and all offline homework can be done on the system and submitted automatically saving lots of trees.  Examination Taking Software Online requires a great deal of mobility and speed and designed for speed and mobility and allowing exam software to be used on mobile devices.It makes Online Exam Software prerequisite for mock tests for school and colleges and universities.

Online Exam Software has built-in assessments technology for businesses to asses their candidates. 

Student Online Exam Software Student Online Examination Software, Online Examination Taking Software

 Online Examination Software Knowledge

Online Examination Software exclusively made for checking knowledge, this panel works as a duo by checking the knowledge and entertaining the students. Online Examination Software allows question bank to be used in any possible way either for exams, tests or even for the quiz. With the Online Examination Software, the same principle is applied with strict rules gives flexibility beyond school, college or universities for

Online Examination Software is best suited for our adaptive examinations. 

Examination board across the world can easily adapt our Examination Taking Software.

It helps the pupil to take exam remotely. Students benefits from taking remote exams with exam taking software online giving full access to all the features and functionality of exams.

Exam Taking Software Online, Online Exam Taking Software, Student Online Exam Software, Software for Student Exam Online

Examination Question Management

 Categorizing the questions of any topic according to their difficulty level can be complicated, provides a detailed panel which is dedicated to category questions according to their difficulty levels. Online Exam Software provides and caters for the student with difficulty level.

With our software question difficulty levels can be easily set comprehensive and provides facility to build question bank.  Test, Examination or Exam question bank provides a combination of single, multiple or subjective questions. Question bank where each question can have a number of question and answer images. Question bank allows questions and answers to be written in English or language of their choice. A What You See Is What You Get editor is built into the Question bank.  Our Editor has What you see is what you get editor makes it simple for art exams. 
Examination Taking Software Online allows students to make use of graphic editor for non objective exams.

Online Exam Software

Examination Student and Candidate Activities

Online Examination Software have simplified the user-friendly interface, this panel is dedicated to entering and retrieving the details of each and every student registered in the organization.  Online Examination Software registration process is very simple and easy to use.Online Examination Software student panel is enhanced Program, Class and Section wise. Online Examination Software allows shifting students between sections. Allows deleting Program, Class, and Section. Online Examination Software Candidate panel allows candidates to be managed individually or departmental wise. It allows deletion, edition or creation and shifting of candidates from one department to another department.

Online Examination Software online allows students to be managed after their term is finished.

Online Examination Software allows students to be archived for future reference. It can also promote students to the next level from one standard to a higher standard.

Online Examination Software allows students to have a break or leave the system entirely.

Online Examination Taking Software, Student Online Examination, Student Online Examination Software

Examination Control Panel for Heads and Administrators

 Online Exam Software exclusively added for Administrators, Managers, Department Heads, Head Teachers, Head Masters and person in authority.

Exam, Test or Examination share common panel and divided by permissions.  Online Test Software has special panels Program, Students, Assignment, Assessment and Announcement which are permission-based and controlled by Administrators. Examination Taking Software Online dashboard panel can be made adaptive and made simple by permissions. 

Online Test Software login facility is embedded with security authentication.

Online Test Software dashboard is flexible with the option to create Admin, Head Teacher and Student with a just simple configuration.

Test Software for Students Online, Software for Student Test, Student Test Software Online, Students Test Software Online

Result Analysis

Online Examination Software offers a dedicated result analysis panel in which detailed results of each and every student is viewed. It provides global student view for results and Class section wise view.  It displays candidates obtained percentage marks along with any grading with the results. Online Examination Software both have inherent book type structure which can be assumed as book name, book chapters and book section. Online Examination Software displays book name as Category. Online Exam Software and Online Test Software displays book chapter as Sub-Category and finally book sections as Topics. Online Examination Software provides online screen view or PDF view. PDF view gives comprehensive information with the embedded pictorial view. Online Examination Software provides all the results can be emailed to students/candidates or any associates. Online Examination Software provides advance result analysis facilities. 
Examination Taking Software Online best suited for examination boards across the world.

Test Software Online, Test Taking Software, Online Test Taking Software

Examination Announcements

 Announcement panel allows us to make an announcement which is broadcast to the entire school or organization or part of a school or part of an organization. Online Test Software has a global or class wise announcement system.  The Global announcement allows announcement for the entire school, college, university or institute. Online Test Software has the local announcement at the class section level, where the announcement can only be viewed by a particular section of a class. The Announcement can simply be edited, deleted or updated. The announcement is controlled by the administrator or management. Online Test Software provides school, college university announcement for providing full service. 

Online Test Software international students can take advantage of timezone. Our Online Test Software allows tests, exams, and examinations to take place anywhere.

Online Test Software has built-in timezone calculator which enables correct timezone for tests.
Test Software for Students online enables everyone to take tests or exams seven days a week without any disruption.

Exam taking Software for students needs announcements regarding exam time table. A purpose built exam taking software announcement is built within the system to update students.

Examination Software For Department

Class Section or Department Panel 

 Online Test Software has an extraordinary feature which allows the organization to categorize the students and candidates according to their enrolled programs and sections so that inserting and searching the student details can become easy. Online Test Software has two ways of building organization or Institute or school college and university. Online Test Software provides high-level compartment called program where the program can be associated as a session.  Online Test Software provides Program and underneath Program, the school can have classes and underneath each and every class there can be a number of sections. Online Test Software can have departments for the organization.  Examination or Exam candidates can now be part of individual department 
Examination Taking Software Online is designed for multinational companies where each department can be onshore, nearshore or offshore. Examination Taking Software Online with multi-zone facility makes it suitable across the globe. International students and organization can benefit from Online Examination Software. Online Examination Software for languages schools has added benefit for departments and classes to conduct language exam in any countries.

Exam Taking Software for students makes full use of suite of examination board software for rapid access for historical exam questions.

 What Makes Our Exam Software Special? 

Free Exam Software Free Test Software Free Examination Software

Language Friendly Exam Software

Online Examination Software supports multiple languages, so if you are an organization having students that belong to different cast and creed and understand different languages then our exam can work as a panacea for your organization as it has an option of preparing tests and writing answers in different languages. Online Examination Software build in multi-lingual editor allows European and Asian languages. Examination Taking Software Online is language friendly. Any language plugin can be installed automatically.

European Languages and others are easy to install can be done prior to exams

Descriptive Type Answer For Exam Software

Online Test Software not only permits you to conduct objective type exams but also allows you to conduct descriptive type exams in which student can write detailed answers to questions asked. 

Online test Software principals can be applied to Assessments, Mock test and mock Exam preparation and many others, makes it the best Online Test System.

Online Test Software makes Economics and English exams simple with descriptive type questions and free format text for answers.

Exam Taking Software Online with subjective question and answers allows non calculative as wells as numeric exams.

Automated and Manual Marking Tests With Exam Software

Online Exam Software provides automatic grading of all objective questions type exam. Descriptive answers are used to check the student's imagination and understanding of something and a machine should not be allowed to judge these things so our developers have given these rights to the concerned faculties to check the descriptive answers of the students. 
Exam Taking Software Online facilitates auto and manual marking.

Subjective and Graphical Exam Software

Online Exam Software provides the capability to draw graphs and images for visual kind of tests and exams.

Exam Taking Software Online Graphic and Free Format editor makes it more visual for tests and exams.

 Plans of Online Test Software 

Online Test Software plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on 


For up to 50 Students 
£ 0.50 / Month 
  • OTS- Kiddo is a small package for Schools / Institutes/ Universities or Companies. You can add up to 50 Students. Effective cost per student is £ 0.50 per month. 


for up to 200 students 
£ 0.40/ Month 
  • OTS-Youth is the medium package for Schools / Institutes/ Universities or Companies.
    You can add up to 200 Students to it. Effective cost per student is £0.40 per month. 


for up to 500 students 
£ 0.34 / Month 
  • OTS-Professional is the Best package for Schools / Institutes/ Universites or Companies.
    You can add up to 500 Students to it. Effective cost per student is £0.34 per month. 

 About Online Test Software 

Designed to conduct exam whether of descriptive or objective type.  Online Test Software, Online Examination Software, Online Exam Software  stores complete database of students, every detail of student can be stored in it. It has a feature of automatic generation of marks of objective type tests, so if you are a big organization having lots of students, then this is best deal for you. With automatic checking, it also generates the performance reports of students so that you can analyse them. 

With our custom based question for Examination taking software makes it an unique system.  Our Exam Builder allows sophisticated and complex tests at ease.

With built in Question Builder suite of facilities allows exam builder to be simple and precise as desired per exam or test.

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