Mock Test Software 

 Plays a critical role in schools, colleges, and universities, where students are given mock tests to ensure that students have captured the knowledge given by the faculty and students are ready for the final test with our mock test software. With all the facilities available as a normal test student feels at home during tests which improve performance and greater feedback for teachers. 

   Our Mock Tests allow students to appear in the mock test as many times as possible. Which ensures that students understand the final test standards and ready to take the final test. All the security and final test conditions are applied to the mock tests.ts.

   Allows students to practice and prepare for final entrance and qualifying tests. Mock Tests enables students to prepare for an entrance examination. Most institutes and universities check with schools with the mock test before calling for an interview.

   Mock Tests enables students to prepare for entrance tests for universities. 

  Online Test Software allows students to take a mock test, these mock tests are done at schools locally. Most schools around the world conduct mock tests to find out whether a student is suitable to appear for final board exams or tests. All international schools have mock tests for entrance. Our mock tests are designed to fit to evaluate student writing, reading, and skillset requirements for institutes or schools. Mock tests allow you to set a number of tests and they can be stretched as many times as desired to get ready for final exams. 

  Allows students to take tests as per class or as per group, segregating different levels of mock tests for students. 

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  In the modern age of the cloud mock test technique have changed to facilitate students to take the mock test anytime and anywhere in the world. With Mock Tests there is no limitation to the mock tests, students can set a mock test after any class session or semester. Even allows on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for students to take the tests, makes it one of the most flexible software available today.  

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How Mock Test Software Works
How Mock Test Software Works

 School Mock Tests

School mock tests play an important role in a student’s career. It gives them first exposure to their final expected results.  Teachers and faculties make a great effort to ensure that real expectancy is delivered and students can prepare for their final goal.

Our Mock Test Software allows exactly the same for students to achieve their results. We allow the same discipline and same due diligence for mock tests as well as real final exams.

All scheduling, registering, and publishing are done for mocks.  Marking and building mock tests also have the same concept as exams. 


How Mock Test Software Works  

A great deal of planning is required for mock tests, Faculties, school teachers, school headmaster works on the syllabus and then prepares for mock tests.

  Mock Tests cater for variation in the syllabus and make it flexible and extensible to the school personnel.

  Firstly requires questions pertaining to the current course and the current year. Test Creator Software allows creating any number of mock test questions. Our Test Management Software helps in creating mock tests and executes the process.

  Based on the course requirement and the topic covered, mock test software uses our question maker software to fill in mock tests.

  Mock Test Software takes care of the single type of question, multiple types of question, or descriptive question.   It combines all three types and makes it or constructs a mock test. While constructing mock tests greater care is taken for difficulty level. As our mock tests allow us to devise mock tests per class, a difficulty level can be set as per class. 

  Some schools take advantage of this feature to move students from one class to another class keeping students level balance intake in terms of ability and knowledge.

  Once mock tests are built using our online Test Builder Software then all the mock tests are scheduled and delivered to the school test board to take place in the future. Mock Test Software, automatically marks all the mock tests and delivers and broadcasts to the students.

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