Online Test System provides the best possible solution for academic institutes including Schools, Colleges and Universities. Similarly, Online Test Management  gives complementary functionalities with the help of Online Test Builder Software, Online Test Creator Software and Online test Creation Software.

test system provides facilities for foreign languages and conduct Exams
Online Test System

Online Test System provides help to Test Centers and Test Boards.
Test Builder software allows to build tests at all the levels.
Test Creation uses questions bank to associate questions with tests.
Online Test Management Software enables all test functionality.

Online Test System, Online Test Management Tool
 Online Test System for Schools, Colleges and Universities 

 Allows to conduct school tests, Mock Tests and Exams 

 Add Number of the pupil for Tests and Exams 

 With Online Test Builder add number of tests as per system requires 

Online Test Management, Online Test Management Software
 Online Test System 

 Online Test Creator allows multiple tests 

 Online Test Creation allows multiple, single and subjective questions. 

 With Online Test Builder, each question can be in different languages.  

Online Test Builder, Online Mock Test Builder
 Online Test Management 

 Test Creation allows multiple language facilities 

 Online Test Software allows to submit tests automatically 

 Online Test System restricts browser navigation 

 Online Test Management provides students security with single sign-in locking 

Online Test Creator, Online Mock Test Creator
 Online Test Builder 

 Online Test Builder for students tests 

 Online Test Builder for students with various question options. 

 Online Test Builder with negative marking.  

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Online Test System

Online Test Builder Software Update Test Question

Online Test Builder Software allows to update question if it's not being used, this is designed to prevent any abnormality during the test.If a question is being used in any test update will simply not take place.Maintenance period gives the time limit to the management to change test or questions.Maintenance period allows clean up any unwanted question or tests or remove student or candidate from the test.
Online Test Creator Software and Online Test Creations Software work in conjunction with Online Test Builder Software to give added advantages for Mock tests for schools and Colleges.

Online Test Creator Software and Online Test Creation Software allow creating tests in multiple languages which allows international students to take advantage of multi-lingual facilities.

Test System Online

Online Test Builder Software Question Management

Online Test Builder Software has advanced Question Bank Engine which allows questions to be managed.All question belongs to a topic and topic belong to sub-category and sub-category belongs to a category.Question bank maintains full question hierarchy for Online Test System.
There is a number of panels associated with Question View.Question(s) can be viewed in general scope or Question(s) can be viewed in hierarchical mode.Both facilities are provided by the Question bank Engine for Online Test Creator Software and Online Test Creation Software.

Online Test Builder, Online Test Builder Software, Test Builder Software Online

Online Test Builder Software

Online Test Builder Software allows construction part of the tests. Test in any language can be generated or built using Online Test Builder.   A facility is provided for objective or descriptive type tests. Online Test Builder Software has various options for Single choice or Objective choice which makes tests or assessments simpler for management or institutes. Online Test Builder Software is made restrictive during tests stopping anyone making changes to questions. 

Online Test System Extend Period

Extend Test Period with Online Test Creator Software

Online Test System provides facility to extend the test period for a student or candidate. if anyhow student/candidate is not able to give the test then management can extend their test schedule again for the same test.Online Test Management Panel allows the test to be modified, deleted or canceled and on the similar account student or candidate test can be submitted, canceled or re-scheduled on behalf of the student or candidate.

"Test Creation Software, Online Test Creation, Online Test Creator Software, Test Creator Software Online, Test Creator Software, Test Creator Software Online "

Dynamic Test Grades of

Online Test Management helps us maintain dynamic grades for a test, like A/B/C etc with respective percentage as per the decision of management.Online Test Builder in association with Grade builder allows to grade student as desired by an organization.In Online Test Management there is a number of builders like a test builder and question builder.

Online Test Creator random question

Random Question Allocation During Test with Online Test Creation Software

Online Test System allows management can add questions to the test and make them appear in a random way. Management can add a question as per category, subcategory, topic wise.In Test Management there are two options for giving a test for student Restrictive where a student is not allowed to visit any previous question during test or flexible option where student or candidate can jump to any question and revert back to the desired question when needed.

Online Test System Maintenance

Maintenance Test Period

Online Test Creator Software has the one unique feature, during the maintenance period, management can remove student/candidate from a test and can maintain the student/candidate and questions.

Online Test System student results

Print Student Test Details

Online Test System provides facility to print student details and test status, this is a nice facility to check student test status.

Online Test Management Student Results

Print Test Questions

In the Test System, management can print all the question available in the test.

Online Test Management Software, Online Test Management

Online Test Creation Software Description

Online Test Creation Software provides language friendly test description for students/candidate, management can write test instructions and student/candidate can read test instructions before starting the test.

Online Test Creation with negative marking

Attended Test Negative Mark Apply with Online Test Creation Software

In the Online Test Creator Software can make a test as an attended test negative mark apply when this option is enabled, negative marks are allotted only when the student selects the wrong option of the question.

Online Test Creator with questions, Online Test Creation Software, Test Creation Software Online, Test Creation Software

Student viewing random questions in Online Test System 

 In the Online Test Creator Software with the random question facility, management can set test with the random question.

When this option is selected, the same questions of all students will appear in a random way.

Online Mock Test Creator

Add Unlimited Students or Candidates for Test

Online Test System Provides Multiple Student/Candidate in a single test from anywhere, we can add thousands of student to the test.Test Software allows students or candidates to take the test from anywhere in the world.The test can be designed based on Timezone and student can take their test in the desired timezone.

Online Exam Test Builder, Online Exam Test Builder Software

Flexible Test feature of Online Test System

Online Test Management Provides the Facility to skip the question, a student can skip any question and also jump to other questions any time before submitting the test. so a student can re-check his attempted questions. ​

Online Test Creation Tool for descriptive questions

Test Descriptive Type Answer

Online Test Creator Software provides the descriptive type answer and also can add an image in the answer and also can use paint for graphics and answer can be written in multiple languages and different fonts.

Online Test Management Result Awesome Feature

Online Test Builder for unlimited students

Test System Break down Report

Online Test System break down report is a unique and awesome feature provided in online test software where we can see the marking of each question and with full answer option details with the right answer.

Online Test System Image Gallery

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