Question Bank Software

 Question Bank Software 

    Question Bank Software provides the best solution for academic institutes, Schools, Colleges, and Universities with the aid of Question Creator Software. Multiple Choice Question Software, MCQ Software, and Question Maker Software enhance the capabilities of the question bank system and question bank database.

 Question Bank Software and Question Bank Database covers all of the questions, subjective, written, objective type, and quizzes. Furthermore, objective types of questions are divided into Single Choice Questions and Multiple Choice Questions both are used for building questions bank across the world.

 Any type of exam for all the levels can be created with the aid of Question Bank Software.  It is cloud-based and provides seamless accessibility all the time. Online Questions Bank Database is normally created in two ways within the system either manually building each and every question or carrying out the bulk loading based on our well-defined question bank templates in excel. 

 Objective questions are adaptive and can be used by establishments to use for board-level examinations or internal examinations. Faculties and school administrators have full access to build a question database using our Question Bank Software which allows us to build simple type to complex type questions.  

Our Online Question Bank Database provides additional security when examination paper is built at the national level where deleting or amending a question is restricted and once the question has been added inside the electronic examination paper then it cannot be simply deleted without additional precautionary measures. There is a regular maintenance period for education establishment which can be used with care for alteration. Question Maker Software provisions required an attribute to create a flexible question.

 Objective Questions provides any difficulty levels with a number of options such as all right answer, positive marking, setting, and various others. 

 The objective type question bank system has a complex marking scheme to filter out weak students from the more competent students. Allocation of marks especially negative marks must be used with great care otherwise it may have a negative impact on the results. It is also a good practice to run an examination paper internally a number of times. Positive and Negative markings are a vital part of the Online Question Bank Software helps both types of markings. 

Our Question bank Software objective question is quite advanced enabling you to allocate or flag a number of schemes. Firstly,  every right answer can have different marks and can be allocated based on the strength of an answer and a comparatively negative mark can designate a bad answer which is non-subject related. Due to the complex nature of the question an additional competence level flag is also part of the question builder. This only comes to force when marking the paper electronically, here if all the selected answers are right then only marks will be allocated. 

This makes sour Question Bank Software one of the best question databases for  MCQ, Quizzes, and Simple Question types available today.  Our Examination Management Software uses all the facilities from the Question database to build, construct viable examinations for institutions.

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  Question Bank Management 

  Online Question Bank Software  

 Online Question Bank Software is a critical part of the system. A customized database is built as a generic part of the system. 

  Online Question Bank Software has a nominal database for Single, many, or descriptive type questions. 

  Furthermore, the database has supporting modules to segregate questions between different disciplines.  

  Science questions can be divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

  All the categories can be further subdivided. 

  Question Maker helps with Categorization. They can easily distinguish subjects at a category or topic level.
  Online Question Bank Software provides competency level per question.
  Question Bank Software can be used to design simple and complex questions.

  Question Bank Software is cloud-based and provided support for millions of questions worldwide.

  Question Bank Software is well suited for the written examination and objective questions.

  Exam paper uses question bank software to build exams for schools, similarly, Online Question Builder makes use of question bank software.  

Our Online Question Software makes full use of the question database to build and deliver local exams for schools.  Question Management for Schools describes the usages of a question bank for further education.

Please visit Question Bank System for further details.

  Question Bank Objective Type 

Objective Question Bank Software 

 Question Bank Software is the heart of the examination board for national examination, establishments places, schools, colleges, and universities. Question Bank Software allows creating simple and complex questions primarily used for Examination Software for students. 

  Examination Builder internally uses questions created and then makes them available as part of the electronic examination paper. 

 It internally creates categories, sub-categories, and the topics which creating questions. It also creates difficulty levels if already not present in the system.
  Question Bank Software allows categories, sub-categories, and topics for further question creations. Once in the system it will be used by the entire school or organization, they are globally accessible.

  Question Bank Software allows positive marks as well as negative marks. It has a number of configurable rules which are embedded while creating questions. The software has a complex engine behind the software which allows certain rules to be present as part of the question bank allowing multiple level markings available.   

It allows building descriptive and objective questions for written examinations. Which allows the Accounts, History, Geography examination accessible.

  Question Bank Software allows different difficulty levels for types of schools and colleges. Examination Builder internally uses a question to create simple and complex questions.
  Question Bank Software functions under the hood of the cloud with solid persistence storage and accessibility. Question Builder is primarily used by examination boards, schools, colleges, and universities. Both the examination board and the school’s administrator use the same software to create questions and make them available to the students. Students across the world can enjoy the benefit of local questions pertaining to their syllabus as wells as historical examination questions for their internal and external exams.

  All of these features above make our question builder software friendly and usable.  Our Exam Software prepares exams at regular intervals using a question database. 

  Question Maker Software Cloud-Based

Question Maker Software for Written Examination   

 Question Bank Software which provides a home to all kind of questions including Single Type Question, Complex Type Questions and descriptive or subjective type of questions.

  Our Question Bank Software allows manual question entry as well as bulk question entries. Institute, College, School or University can create their own questions or apply the template of historical and past questions.

  Bulk Question Bank Software is the best part of our system, where it uses Exam Builder to injects questions electronically.   

   Education places can have a library of questions which can vary year to year depending on school requirements and countries’ education needs for Online Examination Software.

  We have a flexible question database to allow any kind of question and answer making it suitable for any type or kind of school or institution.

  With an excel document with a template whole subject or topic can be inserted into the online question bank software database. Exam Builder Software allows an excel spreadsheet with default populated questions.

  Question Maker Software generates topic, subcategory, category, and difficulty level automatically along with questions text, and answers.

  Question Bank Software has a number of attributes per question as follows which must be applied with great care to avoid any negative effect on the marking system or the overall examination system.

  Positive marks, Negative Marks, All Right answers, Difficulty Level, Category, Sub-Category, and Topic are a few of the examples.

  Question Creator Software  

Question Creator Software for Students

  Question Creator Software provides different answer type, Single choice answer  (faculty can do a number of right answers more than one),

  The subjective answer (student can write a passage with proper format and colors and can add images also.) 
  Allows a number of images for questions and answers which makes it suitable for subjective type exams. 

  Question Creator Software allows manual insertion of the questions as wells as advanced bulk loading of the questions.
  Question Creator Software has advanced question mapping as an integral part of the overall exam persistent logic.
  Question Creator Software has two built-in editors one for creating simple questions and one for creating complex type questions.
  For subjective questions, it has HTML editors for written questions and written examinations.
  Question Creator Software for written questions makes it easier for creating subjective and descriptive types of questions. 

  Although no marking is carried out for the descriptive type of examination question creator lest you create maximum and minimum marks for the written questions thus providing guidelines to the examiner.
  Both Single and bulk internally create all the subjects and difficulty levels and all the defaults as required for question creator.

  Question Creator Software does not have any restrictions and functions seem less.
All the combinations available for Question Creator Software make it the best editing suite for our Question Bank Software.

 The same principle is applied for our Online Question Software which makes use of question Bank Software rich functionality and creates simple to complex exams.SS

  Online Question Bank Software

Question Bank Software Subjective Features   

 Question Bank Software allows adding a number of images in question and one image for each answer option giving the facility to render art images for the questions. 
  Question Bank Software accepts the most popular image format. 
Images can be managed per question.  

  There are six images are reserved for answers and two images for questions allowing graphical animated question facilities.

  Exam Builder builds examination questions with the help of question bank software.  

Any Exam System or Examination System relies on a wealthy question bank. Which requires careful planning and delivery. Our Question bank software with rich functionality enables the end-user to meet simple to complex requirements. Please see What is an online exam and the questions associated with it.

  Question Bank Software for Exams and Examinations  

 Online Question Bank Software Data Storage

Question Bank Software is the heart of any system without flexibility and a number of permutations and choices questions will be self-determining and defeating the concept of an examination. It is quite complex and great care has been taken to simplify the build of the questions.

To build an objective question firstly examination board or school or examination place needs to select the lowest common denominator which is the topic and parent of the topic is the sub-category and the parent of the sub-category is a category. The whole of the objective question construction is designed with a hierarchical tree concept. One can apply synergy with a book, a book that consists of a number of chapters and a section within the chapter.

Question Bank Software has a number of images for questions and answers which makes it a suitable candidate for all kinds of examinations. Hence no restriction is applied or designating to build many type questions. Please bear in mind images do occupy database space and takes network bandwidth hence full catered must be adhered to before allocating or designating images. Cloud bases Question Database provides much more flexibility for storing and retrieving images and documents from the Question Bank Software.

It has two main options where a student is given two options where a student can tick all the rights answers or select the right answers. If a student selects a combination of right and wrong answers when it could be quite detrimental to the overall results. A special flag is applied to the negative all right answer option and again great care must be taken in setting an all right answer flag. Our question marks allocation is quite flexible allowing examiners to give a different set of marks for the right answer i.e. first right answer can have twice as the second right answer and so on. This is done for banking and government organizations where no one wants to further drill into the student’s competency level.

There are a number of permutations with Question Bank Software to avoid negative markings and impact only on the correct answers as well. 

  Question Creator Software Features  

  Question Creator Software Simplified for Primary Schools

Question Creator Software is the most unique feature available with the online Exam Builder. Online question Bank software allows to persist in complex type questions and makes it available to the MCQ Software.

Question Creator Software database is flexible and can cater to any kind of creation. A greater and adaptability is given full importance with future needs in mind. It makes complex question bank software simple and easy to use.

Question Creator updates question security, the faculty is able to update any questions while an examination is not in the progress. For updates, the maintenance period is provided where the Question Creator can update the questions and rebuild the exam.

Question Creator Software with its unique database for all types of questions makes a universal package. Question Bank Software can represent textual as well as visual representation both are available as part of our complete suite of Online Examination System.

Question Creator Software is built with a question and users’ complexity in mind where the question can be built from the first principle and apply the same business logic and rules as required by the examination board, schools, colleges, or universities.

Some sophisticated marking schemes are resident in the system allowing people with less ability to make the best of the question and at the same time student with a greater ability is given very disciplined and watertight marking scheme with no room for errors.

With this adaptability of adjusting complexity question by question, it makes our Question Creator most suitable for today’s market and meets the criteria for a range of educational institutes, colleges, universities, startup training places.  

Import and Export facilities with Question Bank Software

  Online Question Bank Software is allowed two images per question to make it aesthetically better representation. MCQ Software is allowed six images per question with lots of additional functionality.  

 Question Bank Software further permits the exam board to construct single choice exams, complex-choice exams, or a mixture of both single type and many questions. 

 MCQ Software and Objective Choice have a number of question attribute to select the number of answers, right answers, wrong answers, positive marks, negative marks, and many more. Again, marks can be per answer and need not be the same, any marks can be given to an answering system automatically accumulates it to the final total.  

  Online Question Bank Software has six write answer options where a student is only or restricted to select one right answer.  With Question Maker, students can select up to six right answers where possible. There will be a penalty imposed on marking when a student tries to be smart and selects all the answers. Question Software is quite advance and applied built-in business logic to designate negative or zero marks when the rules are broken.  

  Online Question Bank Software is part of the bigger picture and provides all the Examination System facilities. All of the components are well integrated within the system. It provides full availability seven days a week across the globe. The question can be built anywhere and published anywhere. The question can be constructed or designed in any of the foreign languages allowing full multinational and multilingual facilities. There is no limit to the number of types of question databases operate on the cloud and take any number of questions without degradation to the system.  

Extended Matching Questions is a new innovation for practice. Online Examination System has an extensive question search facility which makes it the best Multi-Lingual Question Bank Software in the world. 

 Objective Type Question Bank Software

 Question Bank Software is the simplest and most easy option provided by the Single Choice Question. This is the most common software is used for quiz programs, primary schools’ exams, secondary schools’ exams, or where the complexity is kept absolutely minimum and no-frills are required.  

 With Question Bank Software, only a single option is permitted from the maximum possible six options. They are selected using a radial button where there is no room for error and simple to use for all ages.  

 Students are required to select only one option. In some cases where a student is not sure there are types of marking is associated with it and both have their own attributes to further select where the negative mark should apply or no. If a student fails to select an option then it counted as not selected and marked as not attempted and if negative marking is selected then appropriate negative marks are given.  

 Question Bank Software allows positive marks with weight options for instance examiner can allocate single marks for the first two options and double marks for the next four options. This is designed to know the subject matter knowledge or sometimes known as subject matter experts. Grammar Schools, Private Schools, or Comprehensive Schools can take advantage of these schemes to facilitate subject matter excellence and provide competition between students.  

 Quiz Makers Software and Quiz organizers can use Question Bank Software to supply quiz for institutes, companies, and anyone who needs simple facts and information related to their subject area.  

 Online Question Bank Software where quiz or questions can be persisted manually or using our standard question template. Our software automatically takes care of the creation of various attributes and parameters for single-type questions and makes it’s available for usages.   Question Maker Software which is cloud-based gives much-improved performance benefits compared to a conventional databases.

 Online Question Bank Software

we have designed a completely online question bank without the need for any paper or any kind of material.  It provides Question Bank Software for students, candidates, examiners.

Online Question Bank Software is designed for institutes to customize their questions and feed them into Online Question Bank.

Cloud-Based Online Question Bank gives greater flexibility and availability and widens the subject scope for examination boards.

Every school or college has a different level of classes and school exam hierarchy which needs questions whether mock exams or real exams. We have Adaptable Questions for School Online Examination. 

 Tailor-Made Online Question Bank Software  

Questions can be tailor-made, where each and every institute can focus on their expertise to the built custom online question bank Database. 

We have Subjects Category, Subjects Sub-Category, and Subjects Topics to enter questions. Online Question Bank allows to mix and match questions from any subject’s topics with no limitation. 

A number of questions can be set as part of the examination. We have set an unlimited limit to a number of questions. 

All subjective questions make use of Exam Writing Software which is an integral part of the Exam Management System.

  Question Maker Software  

Question Maker Software
Question Maker Software

  Question Maker Software  

 Questions Maker Software has three parts Types of questions, difficulty level, and question marking attributes. 
 Question Maker Software’s first part consists of three types of questions, Descriptive Type, Multiple Choice Question Software, and finally Single Choice Question Software. Later being the simplest type and can be used for quizzes and games. Second is the difficulty level which is allowed to set to student’s competence level as per class or section of the class. The final type is question and answer marking attributes which are the true strength of the question maker allowing all kinds of permutations and attributes to be set for marking. 
 There are multiple image types are available, the question is equipped with two images while answers are equipped with a maximum of six images. Having texts and image combination gives Question Bank Software greater flexibility in the question design and constructing it. 
 All the markings are done by the system automatically accept the essay type and graphical examination where manual marking is required and left to the individual organization. Examination results are only published when all type of marking is completed and ready for publication.  Exam Builder fully makes use of the 
 Exam Builder provides multiple difficulty level options for the question, we can set the question with different difficulty levels, easy or medium or hard, etc. Question Maker Software can have any predefined difficulty level set which could be considered as a default difficulty value available for all the questions. With difficulty level, Question Maker Software can set the competency level of students. Allows predicting intelligence levels. 
 As questions can vary in complexity, question maker software also needs to comply with it. Every answer which is marked automatically is presented with two choices right answer or a wrong answer. To make it more interesting one can allocate negative marks for the wrong answer. Positive marks depending on the strength and competency level required. Both negative and positive marks are added per question and applied to the overall examination total. 
 Question Maker Software and MCQ Software have a number of attributes that are used for bulk question uploading. All the default attributes are designated to the bulk questions.

 Question Maker Software Objective Type 

Our objective-type questions are designed with simplicity and flexibility. Question Maker Software takes full advantage of building questions and quizzes.

 Our objective-type questions allow two images for questions where pictorial visualization is required and six for selecting answers.  The answer can simply be given without any text being there, Our Online Exam Software for mathematics and art exams can enjoy full pictorial benefits.

 Single and multiple-choice questions have the same facility available. Question Bank Software facilitates MCQ, Multiple-Choice questions, and Single choice Question Software.

 Question Maker Software for Subjective Type 

A full-blown subjective type question and answers facility is available. We have a sophisticated question creator software which allows a combination of subjective and objective type of questions.

 Question Maker Software has full multi-lingual capabilities to assist with subjective types of questions.


Question Bank Software for Eleven Plus Examinations

Vital for eleven plus examinations to have a comprehensive question database in English Reading, English Writing, Mathematics, and Science.

designing a question database for 11+ can be tricky to ensure what types of questions can be managed by the young students. What happens if they select a wrong answer?

Question Database must be able to accommodate subjective questions.

A comprehensive Question Bank Software should allow Subjective and Objective types of questions for entrance examinations. Our Question Bank Software provides this facility.


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