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School Assessment System and Software Online for homework and other activities
Online Assessment System and Software

 Online Assessment Software 

Online Assessments Software is designed for private schools, public schools, or grammar school students and with assessment creation software, it makes the best Online Assessment System and assessment platform globally. 

Cloud-based Assessment Solution with no limit in student registration or no limit for a number of assessments makes it well suited for all the modern technical or non-technical schools around the world. 

With Assessment Solution, schools can now prepare students for the best possible final results and guide them to the next stage of education. 

 Assessment Software provides added benefits to exams assessments as well. 

 School Homework is written with an assessment tool that provides schools, educational places a new and modern way of doing assessments outside the class.

 Assessments are very carefully written allowing a different level of ability for students.  Assessment System assessments are built and created using Assessment Builder which allows creating homework as part of the assessment successfully.

 Assessment Management Software assessments make one of the greatest contributions to the school for the entrance assessments, for more information.   Assessment Software caters for assessment facilities for students to get prepared and have a better understanding of the subject in advance.

 Assessment Creation Software with builds assessments and injects using multiple choice question software, and subjective questions into it.

 Most high schools and colleges benefit from the Assessment Management Software for comprehensive school progress and achievements.

Assessment Creation Software allows to create school and colleges assessments for further detailed valuations. 


  Assessment Software Cloud-based  

Cloud-Based Assessment Software

Assessment results analysis gives full and comprehensive feedback to improve individual performance.

 Assessment Software capabilities for school and full life cycle from registration to the assessment analysis are covered and delivered.

 The important part of the assessment solution is a descriptive assessment.

 Descriptive assessment complements each other. Teachers are now able to assign descriptive assessments.

 Descriptive solve homework issue which can now be delivered and answered electronically. Teachers are able to mark homework electronically using the descriptive assessment tool.

 It encompasses all of the above features and well suited for primary and secondary and high schools.

 Provides student assessment status like – COMPLETED, STARTED, WAITING so the management can easily maintain the reports and status.

 The module ensures and maintains a period for one session or multiple sessions, which allows questions to be managed successfully.

 Assessments are created using the Assessment Creation Software.  Assessment Software functions for tests as wells as assessments. Assessments for Schools provides full continuous improvement facilities  Mock Assessment Software can be used for assessing mock assessments.

Online Assessment System which allows all cloud-based facilities to provide school homework and assessments online.

 Assessment Solution Software 

Software is cloud-based technology enabling any number of students to take part in the assessments.

 It is available 24 x 7 allowing students to do assessments locally or at home.

  Can share questions from the Online Test Plus Question Bank Software.

 It has an advanced built-in assessment builder that allows all types of assessments to be built and used by the education authority.

 Assessment Maker Software works in a similar way as Test Maker Software to create and construct assessments.  

 The assessment has full and powerful scheduling for assessments.

All assessment activities are recorded.

Assessment can be paused and re-played.

 Results are also treated as final results which helps students in understanding their performance and progress further.

 Cloud-based assessments are similar to Assessment Board software with all the assessment analysis and progressive results. Please see essential for assessments for further details.

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 Assessment Software

 Allows all types of questions which includes  Multiple Choice question software and Descriptive or Subjective type questions. 

 Question Software enables persisting of assessment questions.

 All the questions can have difficulty types attached to them which allows setting teachers different levels of difficulty, which encourages students to do better and move onto higher difficulty level assessments.  

Assessment Creation software makes use of the question bank system to build assessments. 

 Allows local and remote marking facilities as well.

 All subjective types of answers can be marked by the teachers themselves.

 Assessment Solution consists of MCQ Software which allows multiple-choice questions to be embedded into the school homework or for any kind of assessments.

 Test Question Simplified for assessment development introducing basic fundamentals into assessments.

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  Assessment Management Software  

 Assessment Management Software is well suited for primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools. Having said it can also be used for colleges, universities, and assessment places. 

   Assessments play a major role in students’ life where they can practice what they preach like whatever they learned in the schools they can confidentially apply in the homework and provide faculties with the best possible answers. 

   Uses a number of resident software modules to build assessments using Assessment Builder and the Question bank Software 

      Assessment Management Software question builder allows faculties to build and assemble assessments using Multiple choice question software,  MCQ Software, Subjective Marking questions,  Negative Marking questions,  Difficulty level questions. Our Online Question Builder is comprehensive and catered to all types of assessment questions. Assessment Creator Software takes full advantage of question management to build assessments. 

   There are mainly prominent features of Assessment management Software which will be detailed here:

  A number of students can be registered for assessment. 

   Assessment can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 

   Assessment is a free format where students are allowed to used internet facilities but their own input is judged by the teachers and headmasters. 

   Assessment can be monitored by the teachers on a regular basis,

  Assessment objective-type answers are marked manually. 

   Assessment subjective answers are marked manually with guidelines based on the Assessment Management Software. Each organization can set its own guidelines for marking. 

   Our Online Assessment Management Software is the best assessment software available today with a rich set of functionalities to encourage and promote students’ progress. 

Online Assessments Ssytem for Schools
Online Assessments Software for Schools

  Online Assessment Software For Schools 

  It has a number of in-built builders present which facilitates higher education and one of them is Assessment Builder to assemble and build assessments. 

 Makes use of  Question Bank Database in a dual way. This is the most useful part as teachers enjoy the benefit of building assessments dynamically. 

  Teachers can take full advantage of assessments as homework. 

 With the help of Assessment Creation Software, a number of assessments can be created. 

 It is designed to assess automatically. student assignment without teacher’s intervention which helps teachers to make use of their valuable time in preparing qualitative assessments.
 Provides full assessment management facilities to the faculties to ensure all assessment results are monitored periodically and the correct level of feedback is given back to the students. Assessment System provides full cloud-based system functionality.

 Assessment Management provides an official facility to examine and publish assessment results online.

Assessment Solution
Assessment Solution

What is Online Assessment Software?

It is for teachers setting an expectation for students for the whole of class session or semester or maybe for a whole year. Teachers and faculties need to set an expectation and then apply on a regular basis to ensure that students are progressing with it.

   Assessment Solution can be utilized for Local Assessments.

 Built Questions for Topics with Multiple Choice Question Software.

 Assessment System associates questions to the required assessment.

  Set the start and end period for an assessment.

 Assessment Management Software assigns students to the assessments.

  When the assessment is submitted, apply marks.

 Check results to ensure the required target for progress.

 Notify students of progress.

 The assessment System sets a new goal and works on the next assessment.

There can be written assessments for subjective assessments please see test writing software for details along with the test creation software for assessment creation. 

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  Assessment Solution

  Cloud-based Assessment Software  & Assessment Solution 

We have built a flexible and extensible assessment solution that works seamlessly and available in any part of the world.

  Assessment is for research and for an individual to show their personal ability and contribution other than the topic or subject discussed in the class.

  Assessment is normally 2 weeks to 3 months and students or candidates can perform and do it in their own time. 

School homework or school assignment is similar to an assignment where a student can consider taking it home and doing it in your own time.

  Assessment System takes of analyzing and marking assessments. All assessments are marked in a similar fashion as tests. 

 Assessments are published like board examinations.

 Assessment Management Software organizes and schedules assessments which should be delivered periodically for continuous assessments.

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  Why Online Assessment Software is needed?  

  It is vital and uttermost important in development that one must be assessed and challenged to me meet the expectation. Whether assessments are part of the schools or part of a continuous assessment for trainee or organization looking for continuous improvements.

 Software for assessments is designed to meet the goal with simple criteria that allow agile development incrementally. How assessment works to explain the importance of assessments in education.

 The software allows creating assessments from various topics with simple to a complex level allowing to distinguish achievement and progressing steadily. Assessments are vital to monitor continuous development and growth. 

 How Assessment Software Works?  

 Assessment Creation Software uses book styles topic to designate questions for assessments. 

   It has the ability to add any topics, sub-categories, and Categories comparing with a book, book’s chapter, and chapter’s topic facilitates as to divide questions for assessment creations see Multiple Choice Question Software. 

   All assessment creation logic functions as a single unit like a science assessment where Physics, Chemistry, and Biology topics are under the same hood. Similarly, other assessments can be combined into a test or assessment for students. 

   Assessment solution allows any types of question to be injected into the assessments. Currently, with assessment software three types of questions are supported, Single Type questions, Multiple Type Questions, and Writing type of questions. Question Bank Software facilitates all three types of questions. 

Free Online Assessment Software


  Assessment Software Cloud-Based  

All the objective type of questions is marked manually whereas subjective type questions are marked by the faculties itself. It’s the complex nature of the subject and where artificial intelligence along with the business login then it is best left to the teachers or faculties to mark them and feed it into the system. 

  Multiple Choice Question Software allows a number of answers for an assessment and also mark allocation depends on the strength of the answer. Faculties are allowed to create or designate different marks per answer pertaining to the questions. 

Assessments are simple and intuitive and no restriction is applied in the creation. School, educational institutes can generate assessments and tests. 

 With Assessment Management Software any questions associated with an assessment cannot be removed unless in the maintenance period and questions are not used

   The assessment software allows the positive addition of questions at any time

  It makes use of the Assessment Builder to include questions that are accessed by students.  

 Assessment Solution Software 

   Questions can be from any topic for instance if we creating a science assessment, questions can be from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Nuclear Science. The topic is the lowest denominator, top-level hierarchy consisting of Category, Sub-Category, and Topics.  There can be any number of topics under the sub-category and similarly any number of sub-categories under the category. Assessment Creator Software has a wide choice to choose and select and assign it to the assessments. 

   Once all of the formalities for building assessments are done then they are scheduled as homework with a number of options attached. Assessments are assigned at the class level and every class takes part in the different set of assessments, it is the responsibility of the Assessment Creator Software to ensure and tag and make it available for allocation to the assignments. 

   Assignment Solution assigns assessments to the students and ready to be executed by the students. Once they are submitted it then follows the manual and auto marking process but the responsibility and onus are the Assessment Management Software.

Free Assessment Software 

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