Online Assessment Software provides the best Assessment Facility for academic institutes including Schools, Colleges and Universities. Similarly, The Online Assessment System or Online Assessment Management Software  gives complementary functionalities with the help of Assessment Builder and Online Assessment Creator Software.

Assessment Software provides facilities for foreign languages and conduct Exams
Online Assessment Software

Online Assessment System for Pre School and through out career using Assessment Software.Assessment Builder to design assessments at all levels.
Assessment Creator to create assessments for classes.
Online Assessment Creation for quick testing students.

Online Assessment Software, Assessment Software
 Online Assessment Software  

 Powerful grading system 

 Assessments can be taken at any time with no working hours limit. 

 Assessments rescheduled automatically 

 Assessments can be stoped, paused or restarted. 

Online Assessment System, Assessment System, Assessment System Online
 Online Assessment System 

 Online Assessment System provides adaptive assessment 

 Online Assessment System build in assessment question bank software 

 Online Assessment System with Single Multiple and Descriptive type questions 

Online Assessment Builder,Online Assessment Creator, Online Assessment Creation
 Online Assessment Management 

 Online Assessment Management email and reporting facility 

 Online Assessment Management reconciliation and remarking facilitates 

 Online Assessment Management provides detailed reports of marking of the test and assignment. 

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Online Assessment Software For Schools
Assessments for Schools

Online Assessment Builder Software For Schools 

Best Software for schools and colleges have extended security for questions with the help of Question Bank. With Online Assessment Creator Software any questions associated with an assessment cannot be removed unless in the maintenance the period and questions are not used. It only allows question management during the maintenance period. Online Assessment Creator Software allows the positive addition of questions at any time. 
Assessment System Online module ensures and maintains a period for one session or multiple session, which allows questions to be managed successfully with the aid of Online Assessment Creator. 

Online Assessment Software for Teachers
Assessments for Teachers

 Assessment Creator Software for Teachers 

Assessments complements online test software, each other with the help of question bank builder and examination builder and assessment builder.   It has the number of in-built builders present which facilitates higher education. Hence making use of question bank database in a dual way. This is the most useful part as teachers enjoy the benefit of building assessments dynamically. Online Assessments Software for teachers fully takes advantages of assessment and question preparation software. 
With the help of Online Assessment Creator Software, a number of assessments can be created.
Online Assessment Creator makes use of Online Assessment Builder to include questions which are assessed by students.Online Assessment Creator Software uses book styles topic to designate questions for assessments.

Online Assessment System allows questions to be added from any Category, Sub-Category or Topic. It has the ability to add any topics, facilitates as a single unit like science assessment where Physics, Chemistry, and Biology topics are under the same hood. 
Online Assessment Builder and Question Bank Software work in conjunction to create perfect assessments.

Online Assessment Software Analysis for Universities
Assessments Result Analysis for Universities

 Assessment Creation Software Analysis for Universities 

It is designed to assess automatically. student assignment. It allows assessment by grading as desired by the schools, colleges or universities. Online Assessment System caters for any complexity level.  Can have following A+/A/B/C etc. grades with the percentage of marks associated with it. University, College, School, Institutes or Companies can set their standard at ease for higher education. 
Online Assessment System allows comprehensive PDF version of a report, which can be available as an online display or emailed version. 

Online Assessment Builder Subjective Answer Formatting
Online Assessment Builder for Objective and Subjective Questions

  Online Assessment Builder Software Subjective Answer Formatting 

Online Assessment Builder Software subjective Question and answers are one of the main features for students.  Students can write different sections and make use of rich editor with text foreground and background colors using the software.
Define heading, insert image, add map format as desired by assessment.
It gives full and proper functionality for the subjective answer.
Please check in our demo for Online Assessment Software for further information. 

Online Assessment Management, Assessment Creation Software, Online Assessment Creation Software, Assessment Creation Software Online
Online Assessment Builder Marking Manually

Manual Marking for Subjective 

Online Assessment System also provides manual marking for subjective answers, faculty can do manual marking of subjective answers and give marks. Subjective answers are marked manually with guidelines based on the Online Assessment Management Software. Each organization can set their own guidelines for marking.Question bank and assessment builder has minimum and maximum marks capacity. 

Assessment Management Extend Period
Online Assessment Management Software Extend Time Period

 Assessment System
Extend Period 

Assessment System Online provides the facility to extend the time period, where management can allow more time to submit it. Management panel allows extending the period. 

Assessment System Status, Online Assessment System
Assessment Management Software
Student Status

 Assessment System
Student Status 

Assessment System Online provides student assessment status like – COMPLETED, STARTED, WAITING so the management can easily maintain the reports and status.

Assessment System for education, Assessment Builder Software, Online Assessment Builder, Online Assessment Builder Software
Assessment Management Software
Class Wise

 Add Student for Assessment Random or Class Wise 

 Assessment System Online provides add a student in assignment Randomly or any class/section wise, it makes easy to maintain student details and can be scheduled easily. 

Assessment Management Tool, Assessment Creator Software, Online Assessment Creator Software, Assessment Creator Software Online
Multi-Lingual Assessment Builder

  Multi Linguist
Assessment  Builder Software

Assessment System Online is language friendly, student/candidate can read the instruction before starting and see the rules associated with Assessments

Assessment Software Online Resum-able, Assessment Management Software Online
Assessment Resume-able Manually

 Resume-able Assessments 

It Provides you resume-able assessment students and candidates can resume their assessment at any time, all the answers will auto-save.  Online Assessment Management

Student Assessment Management, Assessment Management Software, Online Assessment Management Software
Assessment Management Software Question Management

Question Management 

Single choice question, Multiple choice question, Subjective Marking, Negative Marking, Difficulty Analysis are the main and prominent features of Online Assessment Software Online Assessment Management
Online Assessment Creator Software takes full advantage of question management to build assessments. 

Student Assessment Marking
Assessment Markings

 Marking Assessments

Assessment System Online has two built-in system one for Grading Point System, and other is Analysis Reporting Online Assessment Management 

 Resume and Restart Assessment 

Student Assessment Homework
Assessments Marking

  Resume-able is an awesome feature 

Assessment Software Online provides assessment resume-able and suspends facility. 
Student or Candidate can stop or start their assessment at
any time, all the answers will auto-saved. 
Online Assessment Management Software has a unique facility to save answers automatically and return at a later time allows homework to be finished at their leisure. 
Online Assessment Management

 Assessment System Image Gallery 

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