Online Assessment Builder

Online Assessment Builder  

  Online Assessment Builder provides software for building assessments. Assessment Builder Software allows building assessments for schools and colleges. They can be used for normal assessments or school homework we classify them as assessments. 

   Online Assessment Builder allows having any number of questions which are persisted using question bank database.  Questions which are either created or loaded using our bulk question loaded are part and constitute as an assessment. We can create an assessment for Science subjects or essay type writing assessments. Our software is suitable for all kind of assessments and there is no restriction is applied for how many assessments can be created or assembled. 

   Our Assessment Builder has an extended level of security to assure that assessments are well protected and cannot be altered while students are using assessments and they have not expired. Faculties can override manually and expire assessments which allows question builder to re-build and assign it again. 

   Assessment Builder Software only allows question management during the maintenance period.  Assessment Builder Software and Multiple Choice Question  Software works in conjunction to create perfect assessments. Assessment System which makes use of question bank system and assessment software to build assessments for companies, schools and industries.

    Assessment Builder is capable of dealing with any type of questions, currently, single question type, multiple question type, and writing answer types are supported. They all are marked automatically by the system except writing assessments are marked electronically by the faculties itself. Faculties can also override any automatically marked assessments as well. 

   Assessment Builder Subjective Question and answers are one of the main features for students. Students can write different sections and make use of rich editor with text foreground and background colours using the software.
   Define heading, insert an image, add map format as desired by assessment. It gives full and proper functionality for the subjective answer. 

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