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  Creating & Building Exam Questions  

  With the rapid increase in technology, the education business is growing abruptly, and the level of education is also. All schools, institutes, and organizations want to work in no time so, we (Business Integration Software Ltd.) designed and developed our online question builder for these organizations.

 Let us see how our question bank software will help these organizations with Question Builder.

 Online Question Builder  

Traditional Multiple-choice Questions

  Just like a balanced diet you want to eat a healthy food item, same for question bank software you can unlimited and different pattern of multiple-choice questions for an appropriate exam.

  online question builder provides to add you several types of the question using Question Builder, Question Creator, and Question Creation modules.  

Multiple Choice Questions   

Multiple Correct Answers  

Fill in the blank with Subjective   

Matching Type  Single Choice Question    

Single Choice Question  

Yes / No Single Choice Question  

True / False Single Choice Question    

Essay Type Subjective Type   

Scenario-based questions Subjective   

Video/Audio questions Single or Multiple Choice  

    You can mix or assemble a different pattern of the question for an exam and also you have the facility to store the question for further and future use. Our question bank software ability to Question Creator to store an unlimited variety of questions for instant use. Question Bank Database has put remarkable efforts to maintain its integrity toward the usage of the product. Any organization can have an advantage of such a facility to provide their candidate with remarkable experience in the field of examination. You can assign marks as per the difficulty level of a question, and supportive explanations can be added easily. If required, you can add tags to the question which would be hidden from the candidate but can help the exam manager.