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What is Exam Builder?

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exam builder for schools

  Exam Builder for Schools  

The professional exam becomes more dynamic and popular among the young generation and professionals which is why we need to understand what is an exam builder software for schools. So, it’s a challenging job to provide such questions to them. If you want to upgrade your online exam software for schools mechanism with an interesting question to creating a unique exam for your students, employee, then our Exam Builder for Schools is the right choice for you!

    What is Exam Builder?

 The main responsibility is to build official exams paper electronically for schools, companies, and education departments.

 You can create any type of exam with our software such as competitive exams, engineering exams, medical exams, IT exams, Coding exams, aviation exams and so many.

 Exam Creation through our Exam Builder is very easy. For creating an exam, you just have to choose the subject and code, after this, you can able to create your desired question for the particular exam. 

Multiple Choice Question

Multiple Option Question

Descriptive Questions

Scenario-Based Questions

Free Text Questions

Image-Based Questions

Puzzle-Based Question

Reasoning Based Question

Mathematics Based Question

  Faculty can add multiple types of questions from above to set an exam for a specific purpose, the faculty has full control over the flexibility and the level of an exam.

  Nonetheless, if you are aiming to create a certain type of exam, for example, army, navy, and air force, then our exam builder is ready to serve you best in that case at any time.

Now, if you want to label your question for different selection criterion then you can do easily in our exam builder software.

It is part of the OnlineTestPlus designed and developed by Business Integration Software Ltd. (United Kingdom)

To know more about the working of this software, then Contact our team expert today.

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