What is Online Exam System for Schools and Companies  

  What is Online Exam System?  

   Online Exam System is for schools, colleges or universities. We can create exam questions for specific classes or departments online avoiding any manual interceptions. 

  Now a day’s technology is available globally. There is no need for students to travel to take entrance exams for high schools or universities, employment for companies is a few examples. They can be taken online successfully with our OnlineTestPlus product.

  Global exams are good for a large institution where a capacity of 10000 exams may be required at any time, our online exam can deal with any capacity with a cloud-based system. We are able to create a unique online exam for students worldwide.  We have a random built-in selection facility which encompasses a unique exam for school and institute.

  You can enjoy up to 50 students taking online exams Free Online Exam Software is also part of the overall exam system where students can try an exam before appearing finally. 

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