The Complete Guide to Online Test System for 2018
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The Complete Guide to Online Test System for 2018

Before you come to any online test system or online examination software product you might get confused about which product to buy.

 Here is the list of all the features you should check before you get your institute an online examination system or online test system.

Administration Panel:

This feature provides an admin panel in the software from which admin can manage the whole system. Admin can log-in through login panel and can control all the activities related to exam conducting process. So, the administration panel must be appropriate according to your need.

Multiple sets of Question Paper:

A good online test system or online examination system should have the feature to generate multiple sets of the question paper. Adding multiple sets of question paper will increase the efficiency of the exam conducting system. It is more likely to be an online test generator software.

Types of question:

A good online test software or online exam software provides you the feature to select the “type of question” for your examination. These types of questions can be multiple choice single answer type, fill in the blank type or descriptive type. Sometimes it is also called online Assessment builder or online test software. Your product should provide you with the flexibility to select which type of question you need for your question paper.

Flexible Question Upload:

Online examination software should provide you the feature to upload the question set from an excel sheet. This feature can be very useful as you can easily import all the questions from your already prepared sheet.

PDF download feature:

A good online examination system should have the report downloading in pdf feature as pdf can easily be shared through any medium. Candidates can easily download his/her result pdf. Admin can also download the pdf from all the reports with just one click.


Email Notification:

Candidates will get the notification of registration after successful registration through Email provided. Candidates will also get a reminder about exams through the mail. This feature increases the credibility of your organization/institute. 

User-Friendly Interface:

An online exam system should have an easy interface which could be easily understood by the user.

Quick result:

The online examination system should generate the automatic results as soon as the candidates click on submit button. All the marks should be calculated automatically, and the instant result must be displayed.

Time Limit:

Online examination software should provide you with the time limit feature. This feature enables you to pre-set the time limit to attempt the examination. Once the time limit ends, the answer sheet would automatically get submitted and the candidate can no longer modify his/her answers. These are the features one should check before purchasing any online examination product.

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