What is Test Writing Software
What is Test Writing Software

  Test Writing Software  

Test Writing Software for Schools 

Test writing is a challenge with a number of graphical editors with all kinds of correction facilities. For Test Writing Software, we have designed advanced Test Writing Software allowing students to take the descriptive type of tests.  Online Test Software advance module allows them to take a simple or complex test.  

Test Writing Software allows subjective questions as well as objective questions. Students are no longer limited to answering the question by ticking boxes.  

Test Writing Software improves the skills for a non-numeric type of tests as well and allowing Economics, Accounts, English, or History types of tests.  

For our Software number of editors are available for subjective as well as graphical editing.  

For Tests, Writing discipline is uttermost important and great care must be taken before submitting any written text.  

Test with object blob persists all the information for faculties and institutes to mark manually or automatically.  Online Test Creation Software allows creating written answer questions.   

It is one of the complex software modules that allow students to make use of an HTML editor inside the browser and submit a written answer to a question. Students have the luxury of a fully rich RTF editor as well as an HTML editor.  

Allowing to make characters bold or highlight a certain part of the text. Test Writing is kept simple by allowing students full flexibility to express their answers in writing.  

Once an answer is submitted it will wait for the teacher, faculty, or test governing body to mark the answer manually.   

  Test Writing Made Simple  

Test Writing Software allows both types of questions Objective as well as Subjective. All subjective types of questions solely depend on individual marking and testable capability. School, College, University has to train their team appropriately to mark subjective questions without any prejudice.  

  All objective types are marked successfully by the system but the final results are suspended until the last written answer is fully marked by the individual personnel.  

  Online Test Plus plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on enquiry@onlinetestplus.com  

  We are currently providing Free Online Test Plus to everyone for 3 months. if you want to take advantage.