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 Online Test Maker provides constructing of tests for schools, colleges, universities or individual recruitment agencies. A test consists of a number of topics. Topics where the questions are allocated. A topic is the lowest level wherein making the test topic questions per test can be designated by the test creator. A topic can be from the science department, Business department or any part of the educational institute. Furthermore, each department can create their individual topics related to the department and make tests from it. Question Maker Software allows designing questions for tests.

  Online Test Maker allows selecting questions from any number of topics. There is no limitation to the topics which means there are no limitations to the questions in the test.

  Online Test maker has a number of parameters which constitutes a final test. Test start time, test end time, test total marks, test grading policy and test restrictions.   Online Test Maker provides sequential or random test selection options. There are also navigational options which allow students to traverse the previous question, next question or jump to any question. A student can skip any questions as well. This is the most flexible options designed for students and examiners where there are over hundred questions and student require time to think over it. Online Test Maker has a strict option where there is no traverse capability and students are forced to go through the next question option. Here the test is restrictive and time is limited where fast thinking is required.

  Online Test Makers takes security and privacy very seriously. Schools, Colleges and Universities can have a mass number of questions for any test and our random selection will pick questions from topics in any random order. There will be no guarantee test sequence will be the same for every student. Which makes our test unique and can be said unique per student.

  Online Test Maker is available free for trial.  


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