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  Software for Online Examination  

Knowledge is key to future and knowledge can be gained through education, Helps in gaining knowledge and providing the best possible student examination software. Education provides us with the knowledge and our growth and development are determined by knowledge. Education is learning part of everyone’s life and we learn from a number of things and a number of times every day. Education provides knowledge, but how we examine and ascertain what we have gained. Business Integration Software Ltd has developed a package called OnlineTestPlus.

There are various techniques to ascertain knowledge, Online Examination is the most advanced and in trend these days as it has grown up with the increasing technological demands. We have simplified structured development which allows schools, colleges, Universities, Industries, Companies and every individual to use it online with most accurate up to date results and analysis in real time.

Online Examination System is the magic stick that has helped the education system to improve and provide the general public with the best possible way to encourage and deliver it. Online Examination has not only helped Students but also management and guardians in many ways.
      With the move toward digitalisation, every data and work is done on machines which have unlimited storage. All the data is available on a click. Online Exam System has become a great time saver. If management or guardian has to check the performance sheet of the current or previous year of the student then it is available on a click and also even on their mobile devices.

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  Software for Online Examination Features  

  Reports, announcement, Results and Analysis are transparent

  Documentation Management
  All the documents at one place on the cloud secure and safe.

  Question Management
  Varieties of questions on the different topic and different subjects are available on the cloud. The advance facility is incorporated to allow dynamic question insertion.

  Auto marking done by the system, where the manual interception is required, teachers or examiner can mark the papers and exam manually as well

  Some examples of how it helps Management and Guardians with our Online Examination.

  Simple to Use, intuitive interface.

  Designed with schools in mind.

In nutshell, Online Examination incorporates all the features which in today’s age desired and magic for everyone.

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