Single Choice Question Software  


  Single Choice Question Software  

 Single Choice Question Software is the simplest and most easy option provided by the Single Choice Question. This is the most common software is used for the quiz programs, primary schools’ exams, secondary schools’ exams or where the complexity is kept absolutely minimum and no frills are required.  

 With Single Choice Question Software, an only single option is permitted from maximum possible six options. They are selected using a radial button where there is no room for error and simple to use for all ages.  

 Students are required to select only one option. In some cases where a student is not sure there are types of marking is associated with it and both have their own attributes to further select where negative mark should apply or no. If a student fails to select an option then it counted as not selected and marked as not attempted and if negative marking is selected then appropriate negative marks are given.  

 Single Choice question Software allows positive marks with weight options for instance examiner can allocate single marks for the first two options and double marks for nest four options. This is designed to know the subject matter knowledge or sometimes known as subject matter experts. Grammar Schools, Private Schools or Comprehensive Schools can take advantage of these schemes to facilitate subject matter excellence and provide competition between students.  

 Quiz Makers and Quiz organizers can use Single Choice Question Software to supply quiz for institutes, companies and anyone needs simple facts and information related to their subject area.  

 Single Choice question Software makes use of Online Question Bank Software where quiz or questions can be persisted manually or using our standard question template. Our software automatically takes cares of the creation of various attributes and parameters for single type questions and makes its available for usages.  

  OnlineTestPlus plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on  

  We are currently providing Free OnlineTestPlus to everyone for 3 months. if you want to take advantage,
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