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  How can you improve your skill with our Question Bank Software?  

 ‘How’ is the main keyword for the students who are preparing themselves for a prestigious exam and have spent almost all the time to crack examination. A student needs to shake their thoughts to run their vision in every direction. After this much of efforts, Examiner and the question maker has the great responsibility to provide the next level of questions to the students for the best upbringing.  

 Business Integration Software Ltd. has designed and developed “Question Bank Software” with the help of Online Test Software to reduce the excessive burden from Examiner and the question maker. All the effective features we have integrated into this software.  

 Our Question Bank Software Features  

 Create or Add Customization Questions  

 You can add an unlimited question to the question dashboard panel for future use. You can able to edit the question if you have already stored question to this section until and unless you haven’t added a question to any test and thus further use for a specific exam.

 Multiple Choice Questions

 You can create a variety of multiple-choice question for different field of exams or subjects with a choice of more than one correct answer. Examiner can also add the difficulty level to categorized question.

 Descriptive Questions

 In our question bank software, faculty or examiner can add the descriptive type of question with suitable fonts and colour to make an exam beautiful.

   Reasoning Questions

  In our Question Bank Software, OnlineTestPlus provided the facility to add an image to question so that examiner can able to create a puzzle type of question. For the quick response faculty or examiner able to create match up the type of question for student interest.  

 There are many features in our question bank software to engage your students for their interest.

 Our question Software is beneficial for schools, institutes and organisations.

 To know more about our work, please contact us today.

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