Question Maker Software  

Question Maker Software

  Question Maker Software for Objective and Subjective Exams

 Questions Maker Software has three parts Types of questions, difficulty level and question marking attributes. 
 Question Maker Software first part consists of three types of questions, Descriptive Type, Multiple Choice Question Software and finally Single Choice Question Software. Later being the simplest type and can be used for quiz and games. Second is the difficulty level which is allowed to set to student’s competence level as per class or section of the class. The final type is question and answer marking attributes which are the true strength of the question maker allowing all kind of permutations and attributes to be set for marking. 
 There are multiple images types are available, the question is equipped with two images while answers are equipped with a maximum of six images. Having texts and images combination gives Question Bank Software greater flexibility in the question design and constructing it. 
 All the markings are done by the system automatically except the essay type and graphical examination where manual marking is required and left to the individual organization. Examination results are only published when all type of marking is completed and ready for publication.  Exam Builder fully makes use of the 
 Exam Builder provides multiple difficulty level option for the question, we can set the question with different difficulty levels, easy or medium or hard etc. Question Maker Software can have any predefined difficulty level set which could be considered as a default difficulty value available for all the questions. With difficulty level, Question Maker Software can set the competency level of students. Allows predicting intelligence levels. 
 As questions can vary in complexity, question maker software also needs to comply with it. Every answer which is marked automatically is presented with two choices right answer or a wrong answer. To make it more interesting one can allocate negative marks for the wrong answer. Positive marks depending on the strength and competency level required. Both negative and positive marks are added per question and applied to the overall examination total. 
 Question Maker Software and MCQ Software has a number of attributes which are used for bulk questions uploading. All the default attributes are designated to the bulk questions. See Online Test Maker  and Exam Software for further details.

 Question Maker Software Objective Type 

Our objective type questions are designed with simplicity and flexibility. Question Maker Software takes full advantage of building online tests and online exams.

 Our objective type questions allow two images for questions where pictorial visualization is required and six for selecting answers.  An exam or test can be simply given without any text being there, Our Online Exam Software for mathematics and art exams can enjoy full pictorial benefits.

 Single and multiple choice questions have the same facility available.

 Question Maker Software for Subjective Type 

A full-blown subjective type question and answers facility is available. We have a sophisticated question creator software which allows a combination of subjective and objective type of questions.

 Question Maker Software has full multi-lingual capabilities to assist with subjective types of tests and exams.

 Online Test Software for local tests makes use of subjective questions for English, History and other type of tests.

 Online Test Software plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on 

We are currently providing Free Online Test Software to everyone for 3 months. if you want to take advantage of Free Online Test Software, please call us on +44 20 8090 3452

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