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Multiple Choice Question Software

  Multiple Choice Question Software Exams & Tests  

 Multiple Choice Question Software allows multiple answers for a single question for students. It allows up to six answers consisting of images as well text. There are two images associated with Multiple Choice Questions. These images can represent question pictorially as well. There is also a full-length question text box which can be used for software code, essay, grammatical checker or any type of questions.  

 Multiple Choice Question Software has a binary level of marking including positive marking and negative marking.  

 Multiple Choice Question Software has very important features which allow the system to mark for any right answers or all right answers. If all right answers option is chosen than mark allocation will only be carried out if all the right answers are given Both options are provided by Multiple Choice Question Software.  Not a simple way to design multiple choice question which requires multiple answers. Multiple Choice question Software has introduced negative marking scheme which to deter students to select a random answer based on the theory that one-sixth or one-fourth percentage would be right. Negative marks box is there where accuracy in understanding is required and to deter random selection.  Exam Builder helps to construct subjective and objective multiple questions.

 Multiple choice Question Software allows up to six answers. There is a possibility where some answers would be more important than other answers. Answer weighting can be applied with our software where marks can be associated on the merit. This will filter out best from the best and provide an education place excellence in terms of delivering accurate and precise results. A web-based question bank software persists all the multiple-choice questions and their answers allowing to mix and match when selecting questions for exams.  Question Bank Software is parent of all the question types.

 Multiple Choice Question Software negative marking is very broad and complex, need to consult and design questions carefully related to the markings. Please use negative marking with care to disappoint students but at the same time use it for the best in the organization or schools.  

Online Exam Software and Online Test Software have built in multiple choice question software engine into it.

 Exam Builder and Online Test Maker uses multiple choice question in building tests and exams.

 Cloud-Based Multiple Choice Question 

Our Multiple Choice Question Software is cloud-based allowing any number of questions can be embedded into the test. There is no limit to a number of questions in the database. 

Our cloud-based persistency makes it flexible for the board to insert questions of any length with any number of answers.

 Multiple Choice Question Software has a possibility of six possible answers. A number of permutations os answers can be applied. Both are also governed by positive and negative marking which makes it challenging for students and the boards.

 Multi-Lingual Questions 

Our Multiple Choice Question Software allows questions in any languages facilititating asian and european languages.

 Students can take exams or test in their native language which makes it simple for language schools.

 At the same time, grammar school can have complex multiple choice questions. Our software is catered and adaptive to fit for any types of questions.

 Apart from just being Objective or Subjective it has a variety to make the question and answers interesting for schools, colleges and universities.

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