Multiple Choice Question Maker  

Multiple Choice Question Maker

  Multiple Choice Question Maker  

For Multiple Choice Question Maker is allowed two images per question to make it aesthetically better representation. MCQ Maker is allowed six images per question with lots of additional functionality.  

Multiple Choice Question Maker and Single Choice Question Maker both make full of question maker software which further permits the exam board to construct single choice exams, multiple-choice exams or a mixture of both single type and multiple questions. 

 MCQ Maker and Single Choice has the number of question attributes to select the number of answers, right answers, wrong answers, positive marks, negative marks and many more. Again, marks can be per answer and need not be the same, any marks can be given to an answering system automatically accumulates it to the final total.  

Single choice question software has six write answers options where a student is only or restricted to select one right answer.  With Multiple Choice Question Maker student can select up to six right answers where possible. There will be a penalty imposed on marking when a student tries to be smart and selects all the answers. MCQ Maker is quite advance and applied built-in business logic to designate negative or zero marks when the rules are broken.  

MCQ Maker is part of the bigger picture and provides all the Examination System facilities. All of the components of Multiple Choice Question Creator are well integrated within the system. It provides full availability seven days a week across the global. The question can be built anywhere and published anywhere. The question can be constructed or designed in any of the foreign languages allowing full multinational and multilingual facilities. There is no limit to a number of multiple types question database operates on the cloud and take any number of questions without degradation to the system.  

Extended Matching Questions is the new innovation for practice. Online Examination System has an extensive question search facility which makes it the best Multiple Choice Question Maker in the world.  See Simple Question Bank Software

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