Multiple Choice Question Creator  


  Multiple Choice Question Creator  

 Multiple Choice Question Creator is the most unique feature available with the online Exam Builder. Online question Bank software allows to persist multiple type questions and makes it available to the MCQ creator. 

 Multiple Choice Question database is flexible and can cater for any kind of creation simple multiple-choice question to the complex multiple-choice question. A greater and adaptability is given full importance with future needs in mind. It makes multiple choice question creation simple and easy to use. 

 Multiple Choice Question Creator updates question security, the faculty is able to update any questions while an examination is not in the progress. For updates, maintenance period is provided where the Multiple Choice Question Creator can update the questions and rebuild the exam. If an MCQ or Single Choice Question is used in any exam, the faculty will not able to update the question details. 

 Multiple Choice Question Creator with their unique database for all types of questions makes a universal package. Multiple Choice Question Creator can represent textual as well as visual representation both are available as part of our complete suite of Online Examination System. 

 Multiple Choice Question Creator is built with a question and users’ complexity in mind where the question can be built from the first principal and apply the same business logic and rules as per required by the examination board, schools, colleges or universities. 

 Some sophisticated marking schemes are resident in the system allowing people with less ability to make the best of the question and at the same time student with a greater ability is given very disciplined and watertight marking scheme with no room for errors. 

 With this adaptability of adjusting complexity question by question, it makes our Multiple-Choice Question Creator most suitable for today market and meets the criteria for a range of educational institutes, colleges, universities, startup training places.  See Test Maker

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