Multiple Choice Question Builder  

Multiple Choice Question Builder

  Multiple Choice Question Builder  

 Multiple Choice Question Builder is the heart of any Test and Examination System without flexibility and number of permutations and choices questions will be self-determining and defeating the concept of examination. Multiple Choice Question Builder is quite complex and great care has been taken to simplify the build of the questions.  

 To build multiple choice question firstly examination board or school or examination place needs to select the lowest common denominator which is topic and parent of the topic is sub-category and parent of the sub-category is a category. The whole of the multiple-choice question construction is designed with a hierarchical tree concept. One can apply synergy with a book, a book which consists of a number of chapters and a section within the chapter.  

 Multiple Choice Question Builder has multiple images for question and answers which makes it a suitable candidate for all kind of examinations. Hence no restriction is applied or designating to build multiple type questions. Please bear in mind images do occupy database space and takes network bandwidth hence full cate must be adhered to before allocating or designating images.  

 Multiple Choice Question Builder has two main options where a student is given two options where a student can tick all the rights answers or selected right answers. If a student selects a combination of right and wrong answers when it could be quite detrimental to the overall results. A special flag is applied to negative all right answer option and again great care must be taken in setting all right answer flag. Our multiple-choice question marks allocation is quite flexible allowing examiners to give a different set of marks for right answer i.e. fist right answer can have twice as second right answer and so on. This is done for banking and government organization where no want to further drill into the student’s competency level.  See What is Question Builder and Test Builder

 There are the number of permutations with Multiple Choice Question Builder to avoid negative markings and impact only on the correct answers as well.    

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