Test Questions Simplified  

Test System Complexity

Online Test System can handle complexity with Single Choice Question Software, Multiple Choice Question Software adds multiple complexities where a student can select more than one right question.

Question Bank Database caters to complex problems and provides a comprehensive solution.

Here also adaptive marking is allowed including negative marking. Since Multiple Type Question is more complicated and easier to make mistakes, we have added an overall right answer flag with complementary negate flag as well. 

Our Test allows adaptive marking and it is left to the education centers how they wish to design their electronic test papers and how they want to designate marks associated with it. Our test management software is intuitive and guides examiners, question writers, and test writers to select the right type of question and the right type of marking scheme. We have suggested that schools should design methodically and take due care in building electronic test papers. 

The test can also use past historical test papers for the mock test software and also for the final official test preparations. Our software allows bulk past questions loading with the Question Bank Software.