Question Bank System

Schools, Colleges, Universities, and educational establishments requires a system that manages questions and answers for students. Our Question Bank System is designed to provide students at all levels to use the system and practice tests and exams.

Questions can be of any type, simple type question or complex type question, both type of questions requires due diligence to ensure that questions are simplified and well presented to the students.

Questions simplicity should vary with the level of classes. Classes can be divided into number of levels, Online Test Software provides number of difficulty levels which can be set per question. Examiner can choose or allocate mars appropriately. For advance students marking and levels can be higher whereas less advance students marking can be simpler. 

Students should be able to go from level one to the top level. This function is found very useful for assessments.

Objective Question Bank System 

There are two Objective type questions are supported by the Question Bank. Single Answer Type, where only a single answer is valid.

The second type is Multiple Choice Question Software, Where multiple answers are valid that could lead to complexity.

Subjective Question Bank System 

Subjective type questions play critical role in the system. Most of the exams like English, Art, Mathematics, and Economics which requires either a written answer or formulae.

A comprehensive write is a much need for Subject type Question Bank System. where students can write their answers safely and deliver it to the examiner.

Cloud-Based Question Bank System  

Question Bank System provides unlimited cloud based database. Allows any number of questions for any type of subjects.

Supporting both Objective type question and subjective type questions. 

Cloud based Question Bank System enable high availability and fault tolerance.

Question Bank System database is scattered around the world providing resiliency and low latency.

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