Question Bank Database

Question Bank Database provides a comprehensive way of buildings exams and examinations for educational institutes.

Questions can either be Objective where single choice and multiple choice options are provided.

With Single type questions, only a single answer option is given.

With multiple-choice questions, multiple options can be provided for multiple right answers.

Questions can have texts as well as images as part of the questions.

Questions Bank Database has the capacity to store up to two images for questions and up to six images for answers.

All images can be in any graphical format, questions bank database has the intelligence to distinguish different types of images.

Both questions and answers within the question bank database support PNG and other formats.

Question bank database also supports Subjective type of questions as well where editing facilities are provided for inputting questions and as well well as outputting answers.

Question Bank Database Supports Multi-Lingual support, where questions can be written in all languages.


  Cloud-based Question Bank Database  

  Multi-Lingual Question Bank Database  

A cloud-based question bank database provides flexibility and enables any size and any type of questions.

Questions bank can contain structured questions as well unstructured questions. 

Question bank database is designed with Scalability and Elasticity in mind.

Question Bank Database can store terabytes of data and provide low latency.

This is one of the finest question databases which supports single region and global regions.

Multi-Lingual allows the Question Database to be international. Along with English, the European and other languages are supported.

Question Bank Database allows HTML editing suits which allow textual and graphical editing facilities.


Question Bank Database Levels

The question software suite allows one to ten difficulty levels.

Every question can be set to different difficulty levels, allowing the examiner to set different marks for every question.

Having variable difficulty levels, questions can be adaptive allowing students with different skill levels to take exams.

With our Question Bank Database students can progressed slowly but surely and achieve the main goal.

Graphical Question Bank Database 

Question Bank has Graphical Editing facilities. Which allows science exams and mathematical exams to be easily set for any level of students.

This facility provides extensive benefits for setting up 11+ Science Papers.

Allowing public and private schools to set 11+ examination in English, Maths, and Science easily/