Our Online Test Software is one of the most prominent and powerful web-based Test Software Online in the software market. 

Online Test Software can be accessed from anywhere at a point of time with web accessibility that is the reason most of the institutes are upgrading their way of teaching and learning.

Institutes are demanding Test Software Online for their student assessment and to maintain their efficiency when it comes to conducting of examination on a large scale.

With this Online Test Software, institutes have the full control over all the roles that are provided by this software. The administrator of Online Test Software has full freedom to create any type of question and types of online exams. So, every user gets the same type of question with different question arrangement with a single click for a big level exam. The student has the facility to give the test at any time with their suitability.

Ever Changing Test Software requires:

Candidate management: Our Online Test Software has the facility to allocate the desired role for student, candidate and team member for their desired exams. A student can get access to examination and their performance via detailed report instantaneously after submitting the exam.

Question Bank Management: Online Test Plus has the facility to provide any kind of question for a specific set of exams. It has the option to create multiple type of question pattern, one can easily create graphical questions, multiple option type, and descriptive question type. It means you have all the freedom to create your type of question for any exams.

Role-based dashboard: Our Test Software Online has a simple and intuitive interface for dashboard you can find appropriate roles such as admin, teacher-student panel, question management section, exam management section and much more.

Data import or export facility: User has the facility to download the report or result in PDF format and admin can upload the questions directly to the machine with a single click.

There are so many features we have in this software to know more about us or get in contact with our team expert today.

By speaking to our team at Online Test Plus today you’ll be able to gauge the wide range of uses and benefits of our online examination system


To find out more about the potential of our Exam System at Online Test Plus, get in contact with usabout our online exam system.


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