Test Management Software  

Online Test Management Software
Online Test Management Software

Test Management Software 

 Test Management Software has an extraordinary feature that allows the organization to categorize the students and candidates according to their enrolled programs and sections so that inserting and searching the student details can become easy. Test Management Software has two ways of building organization or Institute or school college and university. Online Test Management Software provides a high-level compartment called a program where the program can be associated as a session. Test Management Software provides Program and underneath Program, the school can have classes and underneath each and every class there can be a number of sections. Test Management Software can have departments for the organization. With our mock test software, each class or department can set their tests individually. 

  Test Management Software helps us maintain dynamic grades for a test, like A, B, and C with respective percentages as per the decision of management. Faculties are allowed to use any grades. 

  Online Test Builder in association with Grade builder allows to grade students as desired by an organization for test management. 

  In Test Management Software there is a number of builders like an online test builder and question builder.  Test Writing Software is made much easier for school management.

  Test Management Software allows management can add questions to the test and make them appear in a random way. Management can add a question as per category, subcategory, topic-wise using MCQ Software.  Our Online Test Software is managed by the test management module.

  In Test Management Software there are two options for giving a test for a student Restrictive where a student is not allowed to visit any previous question during a test or flexible options where a student or candidate can jump to any question and revert back to the desired question when needed.
 Test Management Software Provides the Facility to skip the question, a student can skip any question and also jump to other questions any time before submitting the test. so, a student can re-check his attempted questions. 

 Our Test Taking Software is unique in its own right and provides full testing functionality to the students in all the languages.

  Test Management Software for Schools  

 Test Management Software Features 

 Test Management Software for Schools  

Our Cloud-Based Software enables unlimited resources for creating questions, taking a test, or building tests. 

 Allows a number of students around the country or on the global base to take tests anywhere.

 Test Management Software with built-in marking and analyzing facilities. 

Test Creation and Test Creator management for students and classes or group of classes.

 Cloud-Based Test Management Software 

Unlimited number of students  

Unlimited number of tests 

Full Security 

Multi-Lingual test facilities 

Test Result Management 

Test Results Announcement facilities 

Built-In Online Test Maker to construct objective and subjective tests

 Full Test Writing Software facilities

 Test Maker Software complementing question and test management facilities.

Test Management Software Features 

Auto Management of Questions

Auto Management of Tests 

Publish Test Results

Validate Test Results

Notify and Update Students

Manage Test difficulty levels

Manage Tests categories

Group Tests together

Mark objective questions

Provide manual marking for Subjective answers

Analyse Test results

 Online Test Plus plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on enquiry@onlinetestplus.com   

  We are currently providing Free Online Test Plus to everyone for 3 months. if you want to take advantage.