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Online Test Question bank Text Specialization

Online Exam creator provides question bank in which you can add text with a different type of style, font, colour, size, image, mathematics formula’s, table and alignments.

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Online Test Software Question and Answer Images

We can add multiple images in question and one image for each answer option giving facility to render art images for the test.
online test software accepts png image format.

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Online Test Marks allocate if Tick All Right Answer

Online test software provide marks for all right answer option, if we are creating a multiple choice question and tick on marks for all right answer then student got marks only if student tick all the correct answer otherwise got full negative marks(if applied).

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Available Answer Type in Online Test

Online test software provides different answer type, Single choice answer, Multiple choice questions (faculty can do no of right answer more than one), The subjective answer (student can write a passage with proper format and colours and can add images also.)

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Online Test Software Difficulty Level of the Question

Online test software provide difficulty level option for the question, we can set the question in a paper combination of different difficulty levels, easy/medium/hard etc.

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Online Test Software Add Topic for Questions

Online test software provides category/subcategory/topic for creating a question, this is very user-friendly and easy to use, we can divide the question category/subcategory/topic wise it is easy to find any question.

Online Test Software Update Question Security Awesome Feature

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Update Test Question Security

This is the most unique feature available in online test software update question security, faculty can only able to update any question(s), answer marks and details if question is not being used in test, if question used in any test faculty not able to update the question details.

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