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Online examination software

facilitates us in creating exam questions. Exam subject is divided into category, subcategory, topic.

This is in synergy with Book chapters and paragraphs. 
Book refers to Category and Chapters refers to Sub-Category and Paragraph or section refers to Topic.
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Online Examination System Question

With online examination software we can add questions and students to examination, test and assessment. We can view the questions and students can be added to exam or test. An exam or test is time-based. It can be simple, flexible, complicated or non-flexible.

Questions can be Simple as a single choice or Multiple choice with six options containing text and images or question can be subjective where marking is left to the examiner or invigilator directly.
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Online Examination System Difficulty Level

With online examination software facilitates us to define a exam question level. Every exam question can have difficulty level, which will provide exam quality level for a student. 

Difficulty helps to find out for people with difficulty level and questions can be added as desired. Complex difficulty level  enables school, university and colleges to find out the best people in institute and organisation.

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Online Examination System Department

Online exam software allows multiple candidates/students within class and department. Student class can have hierarchical levels.

This features enable large institute to set their own organisation with different departments. 
Having different department one can visualize professional with high standards department wise.
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Online Examination System
Questions and Answers

With online examination software  create exam questions. Single, multiple and subjective type questions which can be further added to a exam, test or assignment.

Answers plays an major role in exam. Online exam Software has built in negative, positive and adaptive marking. marking is suitable for different scenarios.
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Online Examination Software
Result Analysis

With online exam software  facilitates us to view exam results of student or a candidate. Examiners can allocate marks to the subjective.

Having ability to see results department wise give HR and senior management to monitor training and programs.
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Online Examination System
Class Management/ Department Management

With online examination facilitates us to build the structure of school, college, company or university. For exam, we create session,class, section or institute department.

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Online Exam Software Features:
My Profile

With online exam software facilitates us to edit department school, college or university or student profile.

Self management of profile is an advance and integral part of the Online Exam Software. 

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Global Announcement/ Specific Announcement of Online Examination Builder

These are the messages which we want to send to the pupils of our school, college or university. We can create exam announcements for specific session or classes or sections.

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Head/Manager/Administrator Of Online Examination Builder

This panel shows the list of administrator, heads, manager which we have in our school, college, university. Full control panel to control exam human resources and students.


Online Exam Software Student Registration

registration icon

This contains the list of students that we have added for exam or test. We can also see student exam hierarchical wise.

There are number of possible ways to register student the fastest way would be to upload student using spreadsheet.

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