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Online Examination Software  has intuitive interface and easy to adapt for online examination system, Online exam software can be used on devices where  internet facility is provided. It is browser based technology and can be used any where. Online Exam Software can be of any type i.e. descriptive type or objective type. All facilities are built into Online Exam System.

Online Exam Software has many online examination Software features that make it unique and separates it from other online examination software.

Online Exam System stores data for all the attempted questions data into online question bank database data store for future investigation. It facilitates result analysis with students data for each and every question and each and every answer.

For multiple choice with multiple level of marking storing results helps to calculate statistics.

Important feature is instantly marking exam online  and generating results.

Online Exam Builder automatically sends student, head of the department or any associate immediate results for the test which is just submitted by the student.

In a large organization with  thousands of students and having scale-able system supports natural and organic growth. Online Examination System provides multiple scale-able users using cloud based technology.

All data hiding behind the cloud and virtual instance gives 24 x 7 availability in the online exam system.

Online Exam are not time zone dependent.

Examination Software has built-in time zone calculator which allows all online examination to be centralized and taken in different part of the world or different part of the country.

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Online Examination Software Multiple Candidate

Online Exam software supports any number of students. Examination Software runs sleeplessly with number of students with the aid of cloud computing.
Each student can be provided with multiple exams like English, Mathematics Geography.
Exam can be built from any topics with no limitation on number of questions and number of topics.
Examination Software has online Exam builder engine. Online Exam builder engine enables to built required level of online exam for individual needs.
Online Exam builder can have single, multiple with all apply, multiple with relevance and subjective questions.

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Online Examination Software Secure Operation

Student login is secured only one student can take online examination or test at any time.

Furthermore student or candidate is session managed by the system which is time bound for examination. Online Exam Software is monitored and exam automatically closed when student exam times out or allocated time expires.
Examination Software session management automatically times out if other student tries to make attempt with same credential. Software Examination

Online security provides double protection for student or candidate.

All examination can be synchronized at a given time and only triggered when exam time is due.
Preparing examination for trial run can be carried out at any time. Online exam software provides multiple and single user credential facility which is propagated across session.

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Online Examination Software Question Management

Online Exam Software questions can be designed with subject on the basis of exam category, exam sub-category or exam topic.

Examination difficulty level for question bank enables to set exams and questions at different level.

Online Exam Software allows to set multiple difficulty levels.

Single, Multiple and Descriptive type exam and test questions can be added to question bank and then can be used by exam builder.

Exam builder and online question bank database are integrally complements each others and are code part of the Online Exam Software or online examination software.

Online Examination System is designed with next level of examination software providing cloud based software where number of students can take examination through Online Examination Software.

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Online Examination Software Result Analysis

Student exam results are analysed by question by question or overall exam. Full comprehensive PDF exam report is available for email or online view. Results are analyzed for Category, Sub-Category and Topic. Overall performance can be configured for organization.
Exam Software has Assessment Builder Engine which enables grades given in percentage mapped to desired name like DISTINCTION, VERY GOOD, PASS, BELOW AVERAGE etc.

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Online Examination Software Multiple Language Support And
Subjective Questions

Online Exam Software has multi-lingual text editor where student can give exam in any language.

Online Exam Software multi-language builder allows questions to be set in multiple language.

Answer can be given in Multiple Language.

With this advanced feature it makes it unique for Online Examination Software.

Online Examination System provides natural Subjective Question and Answers. This facilitates all written examination.

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Online Examination Software School College Institute

School, College, University or Institute companies anyone can use Examination Software. Examination Software is totally adaptable with built-in permissions control engine. Administrator or Head can be given accessibility or designated permissions through Online Exam Software. Examination Software Online with permission allows dashboard and panels to be configured for each and every institute, company or organization.

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Time Bound Online Examination System

Online Exam software provides facility of to creates examination which are time bound. Which starts on scheduled time and ends on scheduled time. If exam is not finished on time browser automatically submits to the Examination system.

Examination Software has adjust examination facility. If an exam is terminated due to poor network examination system allows to be re-scheduled.

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Add Images With Questions and Answers for Online Examination System

Management can add up to 2 images which question and 1 image in per options in the online examination system.

Online Examination builder with question bank database and answer images allows online exam to be built with mathematical equation, formulas or exam can be set for Art or any science subjects.

Online exam builder and Question bank database is suitable candidate for Science and other related exams.

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Subjective / Descriptive Answers for Online Examination System

Online Exam Software provides a unique feature of subjective and descriptive answers.

Subjective questions are allotted manual marking which means examiner can mark appropriately with online exam software.

With online examination software facility all the objective questions are marked automatically and selected question can then be marked by examiner.

Economics, English, Languages, Programming, Architectural online exam can be set by online exam builder facilitating exams of any kind.

Online Examination Software Result Features

Online Examination System Break down Report

Examination break down report is a unique and awesome feature provided by online exam software, where we can see the marking of each question and with full answer option details with right answer.

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