Assessment System
Assessment System

Online Assessment System 

  Online Assessment System is a cloud-based system with all the resources and resilience available all the time. It is widely used in schools, colleges, universities, and education establishment institutes. Our Cloud-based Online Assessment System system allows any number of students and can deal with over 10000 students if required per educational authority. Our system can have a database comprising of millions of assessments. You have no restriction on how many assessments are needed per school. It is the school’s responsibility to use as many assessments as possible.

  All assessments are run in a timely manner as desired by the institutions. Some assessment expires on daily basis and some may expire on a weekly basis. Assessment Management Software takes care of the management of assessments.

  All the assessment scheduling and expiring are set by the faculties. Our Assessment System scheduler delivers them in advance and makes it available for the students when is due and takes off from the list once it expires. Students are only given opportunities in the valid assessment execution period.

  It allows assessments to be paused and resumed. A student can work on assessments at any time, the system has no restriction when a student can attempt assessments. All assessments need to be submitted before the expiry period of the class session or the assessment expiry period set by the institute.

  It Provides you resume-able assessment students and candidates can resume their assessment at any time, all the answers will auto-save.   

  Assessment System Online provides student assessment status like – COMPLETED, STARTED, WAITING so the management can easily maintain the reports and status.

  It provides the facility to extend the time period, where management can allow more time to submit it.  The management panel allows extending and expiring the assessment period. Which is virtually taking assessment out of the scope so students no longer can take it.

  Assessment System Online provides assessment resume-able and suspends facility. Students or Candidates can stop or start their assessment at
any time, all the answers will auto-saved. 

  Assessment System Online has a unique facility to save answers automatically and return at a later time allows homework to be finished at their leisure. 

  Finally, it ensures and maintains a period for one session which means all assessments automatically expire at the end of the school session. It is the responsibility of the school management to ensure all the assessments are taken before they expire.

Online Assessment System
Online Assessment System

Online Assessment System Features  

Online Assessment System, which allows the student to use all their homework online and submit it through using web-based technology online.

  Online Assessment Builder allows all the assessments are built and managed successfully whereas Online Assessment Creator ensures all the assessments and the corresponding questions are joined together.

  Online Assessment System allows questions to be added from any Category, Sub-Category, or Topic to the assessments. All the topics and associated categories are defined by the school and totally configurable. They also depend on subject to subject like science can have physics, chemistry and biology and mathematics can have geometry and algebra.

  It also provides manual marking for subjective answers, faculty can do manual marking of subjective answers and give marks. Question bank and assessment builder has a minimum and maximum marks capacity. 

  Assessment System Online has two built-in modules one for Grading Point System, and the other is Analysis Reporting.

  It allows two types of marking. Assessment systems can either mark automatically or teachers can mark answers manually. This gives schools, colleges, and institutes advanced facilities to take control of the system and used by many faculties for rechecking and assurance.

  It provides add a student in assignment Randomly or any class/section wise, it makes it easy to maintain student details and can be scheduled easily.

  Online Assessment System caters to any complexity level. Can have the following A+/A/B/C etc. grades with the percentage of marks associated with it. University, College, School, Institutes, or Companies can set their standard at ease for higher education. Online Assessment System allows comprehensive PDF version of a report, which can be available as an online display or emailed version.

 Assessment Creation Software allows subjective and objective types of assessments.

   Finally, it is cloud-based and seamless assessment provides full support all the time which makes it the best Online Assessment System today.

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