The Level of Education increasing day by day with the influence of technologies, Education is now effective with the use of technologies. Data, digital and cloud technologies are adopted by school and colleges for increasing their efficiency in evaluating the students. For School and Institutes instructing and evaluating a large number of students is a tough challenge. Teachers & Lecturers not only found it time to consume to conducting any test or assessment like quizzes, tests, surveys and assignments through handmade efforts but also, they couldn’t able to contact their parents about their result in real time. Why not digitized the classrooms to make it effective and interesting for students and teachers?

Our Online Assessment System – One step closer to digitization

Assessment System allows staff and faculty to be productive and efficient. Our Assessment System manages all type of assessment activities regarding question generation, exam pattern, date, time and schedule of an assessment. Results and report can be made with a single click after attempting or submitting the assessment, the result can be obtained in pdf format.

Online Assessment System allows you to create multiple types of exams, configure rules of exams, provide information on staff, faculty, and administrator.

Online Assessment system allows you to enter the grading system of your own, set question difficulty level, result sheet, and grade sheet.

Our Online Assessment is Cloud-based

Online Test Plus provide cloud-based assessment system for achieving quick and efficient result with some flexibility to create your unique content.

You can create quizzes, medical exams, engineering exam and lot more. You can able to publish your result and feedback after examination with students and parents. Online Assessment System automatically generates result after submitting an exam.

To find out more about our Online Assessment System, get in contact with usabout our Online Assessment Software.

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