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Mock Exam Software

  Mock Exam Software for Students & Teachers

Mock Exam Software allows schools, colleges and universities to filter out the right candidates to appear in the final exams. Our Mock Exam Software allows faculties to set challenging mock exams. Our Best Online Test Software has a number of exam builder for schools, question builder and mock exam analysis modules to help faculties for the final destination. 

Mock Exam Software has the ability to prepare Objective Type Questions and Descriptive Types Questions allowing to set mock exams for essay type exams such as English, Economics, Account, History and number of are related mock exams. A special HTML editing suite is designed for candidates to take a mock exam which examines their writing skills along with grammatical any other essay or writing type skills. 

Mock Exam Software is a tool to assist students to do better in the final exams. Our software has extensive capabilities with numerous tips such as once the mock exam is finally completed and submitted to the students. With Mock Exam Software student can reconcile their answers with marked answers and take benefit for preparation. All poor answers are should in red exactly showing to the student where improvement can take place or need more attention. 

 Mock Exam Software is simplified for students to take an exam when needed and escalate their skill set. 

Mock Exam Software Features

  Mock Exam Software Features  

Mock Exam software allows students to practice and perfect their exam-taking capabilities. School, Colleges, High School throughout the nation have mock exams which allow students to prepare for the final exams. The student needs to take some kind of mock exams before appearing in the final exams. 

Our Mock Exam Software services this purpose allowing students to appear and practice mock exams as desired and as per school allows.
With our Mock Exam Software, one can take as many times as possible mock exams.
With our Mock Exam Software, schools and colleges can evaluate results before broadcasting or publishing it. In fact, some of the schools have adopted Mock Exams for evaluation purposes. Mock Exams are a critical part of student development.
Our Mock Exam Software is similar to exam software provides full exam style environment and facilities except results are local to school or colleges. 

A student can take the mock exam without having fear of pass or fail, they are internally used by the schools to get final results awareness. It is now a standard to check students for entrance exam using our Mock Exam Software. 

Our Mock Exam Software has schools to raise the standard and prepare them for the best universities in the world. Please check out Exam Taking Software.


How Mock Exam Software Works

  How Mock Exam Software Works  

Mock Exam Software works in the same fashion or same vein as exam software. The main purpose here to help students and achieve better grades in the final exams. 

Our Mock Exam Software has a built-in integral Exam Builder, Question Bank Software. Which allows faculties, heads or institutes to prepare either MCQ or single choice or subjective exam into a number of classifications known as exam topics. 

Mock Exam Software will be divided into a number of topics first like science, English, Mathematics or any topic desired by the schools. Once all the correct topics are chosen then suitable mock exam questions will be loaded into the question bank separating them by topic by topic. All the topics will be designated aggregate marks based on a number of questions allocate and exam time is provided. 

With the help of exam builder, mock exams will be built with a right level of competency. There are a number of attributes associated with mock exams which can be set during mock exam preparation. A comprehensive mock exam can be set with our software giving faculties or institutes full flexibility to capture and attain maximum potential per department or per class. 

Final our Mock Exam Software sets a date for the final exam and announces the start and finish date and after successful submission announces the final results for practice and improve to expose student true potential.


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