How Exam Software Works?  

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  How our Exam Software works  

  Evaluation of Student or any candidate is an essential part of the school and any organization to analyse their productivity, We will explain here how exam software works?.

  Our Exam Software is a great boon to such organizations. If you are looking for an active solution for your school and institute then you are at right place.

  Let us see how our Exam Software actively participates in such a role: 

  Test Creating Facilities

  You can choose hundreds of different questions, level of question, answers, and combination of scores which we can allow to the particular question, all questions incorporation of rich support of multimedia options.

  Creative Question Bank

  The question can be reuse and thus save a lot of time, further you can edit those question for another exam.

  Delivery of Question

  The question can be delivered and varied in a number of ways by selecting from random or ordered questions and answers, conceptual and scenario-based questions, and puzzle questions.

   Customization of Test

  With our exam software, the exam can be divided on the basis of the section, on the basis of class, on the basis of the subject.

  Learning and examination pattern can be seamlessly operating with our exam software.

  You can set a time limit, the option to choose multiple questions at a time can create image question with puzzle type of question.

   Multi-Language Support

  OnlineTestPlus has the ability to support multiple languages for a variety of questions. In this software, you can enable the editor for the language you want. It is very easy to opt for your desired language. There are still many features resides in this software that made it a panacea for school and institutes.

  To know about all the features of this software and also know the working of this software, try our free demo right now, contact our team expert today.

  To find out more about How Exam Software Works? get in contact with usabout our Online Exam Software

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