Examination Writing Software  

Examination Writing Software

  Examination Writing Software  

 Examination Writing Software takes written examination set by the governing body, examination board, schools, colleges or universities. In the past only, objective exams were possible with the electronic online, board papers essay-type examination were not possible. 

 Examination board has a complex set of historical questions stored for practice and it provides gold to the students. All selective historical questions can be injected into the Examination System by the faculties using Examination Builder Software and make it accessible to the students. 

 Examination Writer Software allows essay types examination. Examination Writer software makes Economics, History, English, and others written examination possible. 

 All written examinations can be marked by the teachers or faculties remotely avoiding any waste and making it environment-friendly. Teachers now have the ability to accept or reject written examination and at the same time, students have an opportunity to challenge results. 

Examination Writing Software Features

  Features of Examination Writing Software  

   Examination Writing Software totally depends on the various examination boards and the historical past examinations.

  Our question builder software has complex question template which allows all the permutation of questions. Anyone who is familiar like teachers or faculties can understand and populate this template.

  Examination Writer software with the aid of bulk question loader can use the template in the excel formation and load past examinations questions which students can use remotely or internally in the classroom environment. We can also use Multiple Choice Question Builder Software.

  Examination Builder is fully equipped with the subjective and descriptive examination questions, our software allows two question images which makes it easier graphical and visual representation examination.

  Examination Writer software is designed multi-lingual ground up and allows questions in any languages provided plugins are resident locally or on devices.
  Student takes it same as an objective type examination and once submitted electronically, manual marking takes place internally or the examination board. See Student Exam Software also.

How Examination Writing Software Works

  How Examination Writing Software works  

   Examination Software works on a fundamental providing the students with the best possible writing capability for examination. Equipped with all the editing capabilities like free format and student fills at ease without pen and examination paper.
  Examination Software works environmentally free avoiding any manual interaction. All traditional and conventional concept is applied electronically making it easier for institutions and providing an in-depth approach to marking locally or internationally.

  In the era of web-based easier for students to copy and paste from source to another, we have included manual marking capability for teachers where they can check any search engine optimization tools for plagiarism and apply the penalty for students taking unfair internet advantages.

  Examination Writing Software allows teachers to mark only subjective answers manually and apply their marking skills where sometimes artificial intelligence fails. This makes our Examination Writing Software best in the world. See also Exam Writing Software as well.

  OnlineTestPlus plans as per the demands of our customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on enquiry@onlinetestplus.com  

  We are currently providing Free OnlineTestPlus to everyone for 3 months. if you want to take advantage,
please call us on +44 20 8090 3452  

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