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  Examination Builder  

Examination Builder Software

  Examination Builder for Education 

Examination Builder  

Examination Builder is a complex part of the system. Allowing examination boards, institutes, colleges universities to create exams as per requirements.  

Examination Builder is adaptive to allows any kind of examination.  All the options are built with our online examination software. 

Examination Builder provides a number of marking options for the answer. For multiple-choice question creators at least up to six options are available and every option can be right or wrong or adaptable.  Examination Builder with positive marking can be adaptive and allocate marks depending on the strength and the validity of the questions.  Similarly, negative marking can be applied for a bad selection of answers adaptively. A final option is also available where negative marking can deselect for an individual examination question. 

Examination Builder allows mathematical and language-type questions. 

Examination Builder

  Examination Builder Features

  Examination Builder is the most important part of the Examination System and provides full-blown functionality to the education place. Every institute, School, College, or University grading and achievement is based on the Examination Builder. 

  We have a simple to complex examination builder as an integral part of the system. Online Exam Software uses a builder to create exams and examinations.

  Examination Builder questions for multiple choice are geared with the maximum possible six answers hence it provides six images per question for non-text and art-related examinations. Every question is also geared with two-question images which facilitate visual representation for a question. 

  Examination Builder allows to schedule examination any time of the day totally flexible. For maintenance purposes, the examination builder is locked.  The maintenance period is totally configurable and can be adjusted to suit their organization timings. 

  Examination Builder maintenance period allows faculties to change, adjust or suspend examination. For students, no examination is allowed to take place during the locked period and it is also clearly visible on the student’s devices or desktops. It is also more restrictive during examinations, stopping anyone from making changes to questions. 

  Examination Builder is web-based and functions seven days a week. 

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