How Exam Writing Software Works

  Importance of free text editing software for exams  

   Exam Writing Software works on the same principle as for any exams in the classroom environment or any remote environment. 

   The difference is being where conventionally you are provided with the blank sheets to write answers whereas with exam writing software you are presented with the full cloud-based internet environment. Please see our Online Test Plus software for further details.

   With conventional exams time limit and time-bound are applied, here software takes care of it automatically. A count down seconds counter is visible throughout the exam and when last second expires, the answer is submitted automatically. 

   Security is very critical when internet-based exams, exam writing software attempt to block all the navigational controls. We cannot guarantee security 100% all the time hence the second level of security is applied where if you are away from the present browser window exam will be suspended and then submitted automatically barring students to take further part in the exam. Exam Software is an integral part of the exam writing.

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