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  Importance of Online Exam Writing  

  Exam Writing Software  

This allows an online exam to be able to provide English, Economics and other subjective type questions can be set for along with single and multiple type questions. Our Question Bank Software and it’s component Multiple Choice Question Software and Single Choice Question Software allows any type of question paper to be built. Exam Builder with a number of configurable attributes enables any type of exam writing software for students.

  It is built for schools with student’s progress in mind, an exam can set for daily, weekly or monthly homework. Similarly,  can be used to conduct final exams.

  We can track writing and grammar power for the English language. In our online exam software, you can write a subjective question with a subjective answer. Subjective question and answers require skills for writing an presenting to the examiner. It requires a rich set of language and a graphical editor. Which student can use during the exam and present their answers? Has a built-in powerful schematic editor to facilitate subjective and descriptive exams. Exam Software with powerful graphics editing enables students to take writing software exams at ease.

  Marking descriptive exams are not simple and require artificial intelligence with a complex algorithm to deduce the actual qualitative before giving marks. Our Online Exams allows teachers to mark subjective answers manually rather than disappoint student.

  Allows positive as well as negative marking for a descriptive answer. It has built-in business rules to ensure question designed marks do not exceed and correct weight is given.

  While adding the questions in Exam software examiner can also insert images which are related to the questions that help students to easily understand the depth of questions without getting disinterested. 

  Exam Writing Software has flexible features in order to increase the interest of students in exams in which they are capable of writing their own answer with their imagination also with subjective type answer student can write a passage in a systematic format and can add images and colours hence making examination system simple and interesting.

  To more about OnlineTestPlus for Schools please get in contact with us, about our exam software.   

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