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  We all understand the criticality of everyone taking exams and how important an exam can play a role in the future. Having this in mind Online Exam Software software is specifically designed for taking exams remotely

  More and More institutes are emerging training students for final exams, where there is a requirement for simplified exam-taking software. We have acknowledged it and put various plugin and modules to enable students of any age from primary to high school apply the same logic and the same piece of software. We have simple Exam Builder which allows all kind of local and board exams to be set. 

  Institutes around the world are in high demand where everyone is challenged to do better hence taking exams needs to be plain, simple and usable at all the levels.

    Our dashboard is adaptive which can be configured for primary school, secondary school, high school, colleges, Universities or Companies. Student dashboard can either be simple with just login facility and exam or test to be taken.

  The dashboard is live all the time but actual exams are only enabled just in time for the student to prepare and take exams.

  Student panel has various other options, an advanced student panel can show past results and performances where a student can easily see strength and weakness.

  A student has a live exam panel which is set by tutor, faculty or examination board. It has full visibility for a number of exams with date, time, the name of the exam and time zone. Our Exam Software works in all the time zones.

  Our time zone feature is one of the unique features where faculties, organizations, institutes or companies can set exams anywhere in the world. The idea is the same exam at the global level. Please check Software for conducting online test

  It facilitates and provides ease. Thereof a number of outstanding features with our exam software which will be highlighted in the progressive articles in the future. 

Please visit our Online Examination System for further details.

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