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Examination Management Software

Examination Management Software

School Management Software for Tests and Examinations.

  Examination Management Software provides an examination board full and flexible system to conduct and deliver examinations for schools, colleges, universities, or any companies and institutes. 

Examination Management Software  

 Examination Management Software questions are based on the topics with no limitation on the number of questions. It has an Examination Builder engine which enables to build the best Examination with single and multiple type questions for the faculty or educational institutes. Examination Management enables scheduling and prepares charts for school and educational examinations.

 The question can be written descriptive where marking is left to the examiner or invigilator directly. Examination Writing Software enables description writing questions. 

Allows setting multiple difficulty levels. Any types of examination questions can be added to the question bank. 

Online Examination Management makes question and exam management easy to adopt at various levels.  Provides comprehensive and Grammar school full control over exams and become one of the default standards for today’s examination management system.

  The software prevents fraud logins and disables exams. It has built-in the global announcement software module.  With Online Examination Management for schools or colleges can make global announcements regarding exams for instance delay and cancellation.

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