Online Exam Management System  

  Exam Management System has no limitation regarding the number of exams and students. Please see the Exam System for further details.

 Exam Management System for Schools     

   Online Exam System for schools provides a unique feature of subjective and descriptive answers. Subjective questions are marked by the teachers, which allows school flexibility to set guidelines for manual marking.  
With Online Exam System for the school’s facility, all the objective questions are marked automatically and the selected question can then be marked by an examiner.  
Online Exam for Students does not distinguish between any exams allows students to take any kind of exam with a similar facility provided by the exam system. 

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 Exam Management System Benefits

 Online Exam Management System has no limitation regarding subjects or topics, our Exam Builder is designed to handle any number of questions within the exam. Any number of examinations can set with a mixture of topics, for instance, science examination physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nuclear Science and Live Science can be added. This gives the examination board a total facility to develop and enhance any kind of examination required. It benefits all the examination boards in the world. In a simple term, the examination consists of a number of topics, and every topic can have any number of questions. Every question has a number of attributes to allow multiple competency levels for students.  See what is exam builder for building and construction questions for the exam system. Exam Writing Software provides subjective exam facilities.

Exam Board Exam Management System 

Adaptive marking is possible. One of the advanced features is negative marking, adaptive is the advanced option for complex and more sophisticated institutes. 

  Online Exam Management provides results breakdown and delivered in various formats and results can be sent to various authorities. The student panel is capable of display past and current results.

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  Online Exam Management System Advantages