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 Online Exam Management System has no limitation regarding subjects or topics, our Exam Builder is designed to handle any number of questions within the exam. Any number of examinations can set with a mixture of topics, for instance, science examination physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nuclear Science and Live Science can be added. This gives the examination board total facility to develop and enhance any kind of examination required. It benefits all the examination boards in the world. In a simple term, examination consists of a number of topics and every topic can have any number of questions. Every question has a number of attributes to allow multiple competency levels for students.  See what is exam builder for building and construction questions for exam system. Exam Writing Software provides subjective exams facilities.

 Exam Management System designed for Administrator or Head of the department or manages where they can control a flow of examination as desired for their organization.
  Advance facility for administrators and managers is also an integral part of the management system, it shows the list of administrators, heads, manager to manage schools, colleges, universities, and institutes. Allows managers to have full control to manage human resources and students. Best suited for exam board. See how to create online exam using our three steps to create online exams.

  See What is online exam and exam taking software for further details.

Online Exam Management System for board

Adaptive marking is possible. One of the advanced features is negative marking, adaptive is the advanced option for complex and more sophisticated institutes. 

  Online Exam Management provides results breakdown and delivered in various format and results can be sent to various authorities. Student panel is capable of display past and current results.

 Exam Writing for schools is facilitated by the system.

School System for examination software

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  Exam System Management  

  Online Exam System Management   

 With the online exam system, all the exam possibility exists. All the exam questions can be created within the system no other overheads are required. See Multiple Choice Question Software.
 For students, answers play a major role in the exam. Our online exam system has a built-in negative mark, positive marks and more importantly adaptive marks are available. 

  Our marking policy is suitable for different scenarios to filter out competent and non-competent students.  

  Online Exam System consequently supports in different languages makes it a language friendly exam system. 

  Subsequently, as a result of countries like the UK, USA, and India where multiple languages are often used makes this a desirable and important exam system for conducting the online exams.
  With subjective and descriptive facilities makes tests and exams in English or Economics or Mathematics simpler.

  Online Exam System having the ability to show results class wise or department wise gives HR and senior management to monitor training and programs and provide effective feedback.  See School Online Examination.

 Please contact us for the best exam software.

  Online Exam Management

 Online Exam & Examination System Questions 

 Subjective questions are must, the best writing editor is provided for exams. Our editor for examination is internationally compatible making use of UTF-8 which can support multiple languages. 

All questions and their prospective answers are broken down in multiple choice question maker, single choice or subjective with various options. 

Can add up to 2 images per questions and one image per answer if required and 8 graphical representation for visual exams. 

See:  Essential for Online Exam and How to create online Exam.

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