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Exam Management 

 Exam Management Software provides full online exam management for schools and for the education centre and Institutes. It manages all scheduling, registering and publishing results.  

Self-management of a profile is an advance and integral part of the system. Each individual can manage their profile and system manage itself no human interaction is required. 

Online Examination Management Software enables full examination functionality.

 Any number of students to take part in the examination simultaneously. Our system is deployed on the cloud which runs 24 x 7. Our system provides multiple examinations like English, Mathematics Geography and any other subjects.   

Manual adjustment facility to cancel, postpone or continue the exam. If an exam is terminated due to technical failures can be re-scheduled.   

 Online Exam Management software provides school exam facilities. Please also see Examination Management Software 

Exam Management Software  

Our exam management software is designed for educational establishments, universities and academic institutes to set exam required by the board and let the students participate for their final exams using our Online Exam Management.

  Exam Builder allows simple and complex questions as part of the exam and exam syllabus.

  A question can be written in any language and made available as part of exams.

  Exam Management System enables the correct level of scrutiny for different types of students. It caters for less sophisticated to advance level students.

  Our Question Bank Software is capable of any type of questions whether its subjective question or an objective question. There is plenty of cloud storage to handle all the exam boards. Makes multiple-choice question software edition easy.

   The question can be written descriptive where marking is left to the examiner or invigilator directly. Examination Writing Software enables description writing questions. 

Allows setting multiple difficulty levels. Any types of exam question can be added to the electronic exam paper. 

Online Exam Software is provisioned for institutes to provide exam facilities with exam creation software. All the management for exams is handled by our Online Exam Management Software.

  We have built-in exam scheduler worldwide allowing students to take exams anywhere in the world with embedded time zone facilities.  Exams can be repeated multiple times, an administrator can reschedule an exam as desired by the faculty. At the same time exams can be cancelled at the last minute.

  Exam Management Software provides comprehensive result analysis facilities whereas full PDF facility with graphic charts are presented with percentage and achieved a grade.

  Exam Management provides full reconciliation facilities. A hard copy or printout can be provided as proof of obtained marks making exam handling bulletproof.

 Mock Exam Software enables the pupil to prepare and be ready for final exams.

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  Online Exam Management Software  

 Our Exam Management allows banks and financial institutes to use for filtering candidates for their company. Simple to use can be employed by companies or recruiters as well. 

Customised results analysis with a breakdown per question allows departmental heads to weave out weak candidates and focus in-depth for a question answered. 

 We have built-in exam-taking software and exam writing software as part of the exams.

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  Online Exam Management Software with Multiple Languages  

 Intuitive interface and easy to adapt for exams, it can be used on devices where internet facility is provided. It is web-based technology and can be used with any devices. 

Manage written question and objective type questions. 

Persists all the attempted question data in the question bank database. Which can be used to reconcile or provide grading information. 

One of the important features of the system is instantly marking the exam online and generating results. 

Automatically posts the results to the student, head of the department or any associate immediate results for the test which is just submitted by the student. 

 In a large organization with thousands of students and having a scale-able system supports natural and organic growth.   

Cloud-Based Exam Management Software  

 Online Exam Management software allows managing student’s registration, student profile along with the faculty or educational agencies profiles.  Assigns classes in the hierarchical order as per students age and level of competence. It provides an import facility to register students. This is the fastest way to upload the student using the spreadsheet. Organization Management has the ability to modify details manually.

  Online Exam Management Software allows Student registration can be done via an excel file, manual on the system or automated using an advanced user interface. 

  With the advance answer, marking scheme eases pressure on faculties and gives perfect results automatically.  Subjective marking defers the marking to the individual. Online Exam Management Software is a cloud-based system that provides the best online exam for students. 

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Cloud-Based Exam Management Software 

Our system manages all daily tasks for students and exam board with tailored Exam Management Software. Exam System is separated from taking exams from the students perspective and delivering results from an exam management perspective.  Our Online Test System and  Exam Management provides local and exam board facilities. Test Management has done for local exams or test done by the school or institution. Test Creation Software provides creating local exam and tests.

 Management for local school exams? 

  Exam Management Software designed for Administrator or Head of the department or manages where they can control a flow of examination as desired for their organization.
  Advance facility for administrators and managers is also an integral part of the management system, it shows the list of administrators, heads, manager to manage schools, colleges, universities, and institutes. Allows managers to have full control to manage human resources and students. 

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