With Online Test Plus any types of questions can be set with our exam software.

School, Colleges, Universities and Institutes needs to prepare the student for final exams, they require modern and simple software which enables students to practise and use exam taking software online.

Using exam software prior to exams enables students and candidates to build their confidence and be ready for the final nail-biting challenge.

Our Online Examination Software is designed with students and pressure in their mind enabling them to try and take exams as many times as possible without being constrained by time pressure.

Our Exam Software has time bound flexible module which can be altered or modified to suit each and every individual need.

Exam time can simply be set by faculty or head as per subject or as per topic. There is no limit set with our software for setting time limits for topics or number of exams.

A student has full visibility of exam time which is highlighted in red on top of the exam. This time bound timer is updated every second. A student has full and fine control over the exam where decision making can be left to seconds precision.

Our Exam Software allows students to close the final exam or submit if however unable to submit the exam then automatic submission software triggers in and the exam is submitted automatically.

The entire exam software is designed with students and their pressure in mind with full support. Similar techniques or process is applied to companies and institutes where entrance or pre-qualified tests require similar discipline and results.

This enhances the future for students by learning using taking exams which are also one of the patterns applied in people taking information by testing or examining themselves.

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