Salient Features of our exam software– Business Integration Software Ltd.

  1. Examination Setup class wise

In our exam software, any school or institute can setup exams class wise, like what all subject to being included in a particular class along with grades or marks.


  1. Mark Setup or Grade Allotment

Our Exam Software has the provision, to declare the result either on grading system and grades can be defined on the basis of percentile then you can allot A, B, C on the basis of their percentage.

  1. Setup of Examination

Exams held during the session; midterm test, class test, half yearly exams or annual exam can be easily defined with our exam software.

  1. Generation of Exam Date Sheet

Every exam Date sheet can be set up and generated with our exam software to avoid confusion. In our exam software, this module will define particular dates allotted for each and every subject.

  1. Final Report Card and Assessment report

Examination record can be seen on online test plus portal or you can also download this report in PDF format.

  1. Informing Student about results through email

Our Exam Software has the option for school management to send the result by Email to student or parents as this is beneficial for parents to get to know about their child performance and ability to find out daily activities of the child.

  1. Marks Declaration Feature

In our Exam Software, one can define Maximum Marks and Passing Marks for different examination and subjects. With a particular subject specification.

  1. Exam Setup (Subject wise)

Subject wise exam means you can allow different subject code for a particular subject and arrange that particular exam with accordance. You can also set a time limit for each exam.


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