Cost Effective Online Exam Software
Online exam software

Cost Effective Online Exam Software

Online Examination System

As cost plays an important role in adopting any system we must know which examination system is more pocket-friendly. If you want to know which online examination is good by cost perspective you’re at the right place. Here is the list of some comparison which can help you to compare which examination system is more cost beneficial.

Resources Requirement:
Campus facility:
Offline examination system required Campus facility as to conduct examination for particular candidates. They also need to setup sitting arrangement for individual candidate whereas in online examination system there is no need to provide the whole campus facility with setting arrangement.

Printed Examination Question Paper:
To conduct offline examination one need to have a bundle of printed question paper so as to provide question paper to every candidate whereas Online examination system doesn’t require any such printed question paper as the examination is held digitally.

Faculty and Staff:
In offline examination system we need faculty and staff as to check the answer sheet of the individual candidate and prepare the report which is again a very tiresome process. For this process, we need the whole well-qualified staff so as to generate the results. But in the online examination system, we don’t need to check result manually rather an instant result will be easily generated as soon as the candidate submit the answer sheet and report can be easily generated in a just single click.
Now no need to have extra staff members so as to distribute question papers and collect answer sheets as this job is vanished by online examination system.

Travelling Cost:
Online Examination system is cost-effective for the candidate’s perspective. The distant candidates can easily attend the state-level examination whereas in offline examination system the candidate has to travel to attend the examination held in other city or state.

So this is clear from the above points that online examination system is cost effective for both organization as well as the candidates.

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