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Best Online Test Software

  Best Online Test Software  

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Best Online Test Software

  Best Online Test Software  

 Online test system extends the education system up to next level.

Now a day’s teens are more tech-savvy and they consider traditional (pen-paper based) exam system as a burden. Online test system not only provides them with a flexible way to their exams but also retain their interest.

Future demands for more accuracy and perfection in every field. So, our examination system to needs to match the expectations of the future.

Key Features that are covered by Online Test Software

  • Perfection:

As marking plays a crucial role in an examination, online examination system provides accuracy in marking. NO room for mistakes, it is an automated marking system which goes through many processes for perfection, doesn’t leave any room for error. Finally, end to manual marking system.

  • Time Efficient:

Once done, all done. Once the Student clicks on submitting a test. All marking of the test would be done in minutes automatically by artificial intelligence/solid hard work of the programmer. NO more waiting for results. Ranking/ Sorting is done with a click. It speeds up the process of conducting the exams.

  • Cost Friendly:

No extra expenses of printing papers, answer sheets and getting them checked from teachers. Be smart, efficient and economic.

  • Comfort

These online examinations make students more practical thinker and boost their confidence. This helps them in performing well.

Offline system lacks in fulfilling the needs of this rapidly growing world. Some of the disadvantages are listed below:

  • Requirement of Resources:

To conduct a traditional offline examination, we require more resources. Traditional system demands for campus, staff and faculty to organize an examination, but this is not the case with

Online exam system or online exam builder.

  • For Differently abled students:

In the offline examination system, the students who are differently abled may face issues in attending the exams. Reaching the campus, writing the papers could be very difficult for them to manage but with the online examination system, they just need a system and internet connectivity.

  • Authentication check:

The traditional examination system takes quite long to check the authentication of the candidate. Candidates have to bring their documents together so as to get themselves verified but in online exam system, you don’t have to be worry about it.

  • Scope of error:

In Traditional offline system, faculty have to check each and every answer sheet of every student in order to generate results. As this process can be very tiresome there are chances of mistakes and inaccuracy but in online exam system, there is no scope of error.

  • Time consuming:

Creating reports of each and every candidate needs time and energy. For this the examiner or the institute have to go through all the candidates results so as to create their report which is very time consuming but in online exam system you don’t have to do this.

  • Distant Examination:

The distant candidate needs to travel to attend the examination held in other city or state. This can be very problematic in some cases.

  • Modification in answer:

In some offline MCQ’s examination, it is not possible to change the answer once marked with a pen. This is a major disadvantage as the candidate have the right to modify any answer till he/she submits his/her answer sheet. So, online test system or online exam system or online examination software have an edge over offline.

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