Best Exam and Examination Software?
Online exam software

Best Exam and Examination Software?

Best Exam Software

  What is required for Exam & Examination  

 Let’s check out how we can easily conduct online Exams by using OnlineTestPlus steps.

 First, choose flexible software which can satisfy organisation needs. If you are confused which software to choose, read our blog “What features to check before purchasing School, colleges or University  Exam Software?”

 First, check flexible features which can help you to setup Examination for subjects and type of questions and simplicity for your institute or organization. OnlineTestPlus software you can easily create a question with no limit, with

 First Exam one can create answer sheets subjective or objective with different images, links, audio and videos as per needs.

 one can register candidates or students

Registration is a must for candidates to conduct the exam.  With our Examination registration presets username and password by which candidate can easily access the examination.

Authentication step checks the authenticity of the user.

Information about the exam and examination

OnlineTestPlus gives information about the examination to the participants. This should be viewed and checked before starting the exam.

It should contain the information of how to attend the exam, the time limit given to submit the answer sheet, the marks carried by the questions, and finally how to submit the answer sheet when completed.

This will provide basic help to the candidates to attempt the question paper accordingly examination software provides this flexibility with ease.

Result and Report generation
after the exam,  need to generate reports and marking the result of the candidates.

With our OnlineTestPlus this can be done automatically with just one click.

The examination will provide instant results as soon as the candidate examination is finished.

With OnlineTestPlus one can generate reports of any individual candidate or the whole institute with just one click.

Our Software facilitates all the features given above and makes it the unique Exam & Examination Tool in the World.

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