Assessment Management Software  

Assessment Management Software

  Assessment Management Software  

   Our  Assessment Management Software encompasses all the normal features which are associated with the Online Examination, Online Exams and Online Tests but it further enhances the system by allowing students to rake assessment as homework and provide guidance to the teacher about their progress throughout the year. It is based on the latest cloud technology and available all the time allowing students to do their homework remotely as well as in the school. Only internet-based devices are required to do the assessments. 

   Assessment Management Software is well suited for primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools. Having said it can also be used for colleges, universities and the assessment places. 

   Assessments play a major role in students’ life where they can practice what they preach like whatever they learned in the schools they can confidentially apply in the homework and provide faculties with the best possible answers. 

   Assessment Management Software uses a number of resident software modules to build assessments using Assessment Builder and the Question bank Software (See What is Question Builder )

   Our in-built persistence database called question bank software is common to all the online tests as well as assessments. Which allows students to practice at the same examination and the test levels. 

   Assessment Management Software question builder allows faculties to build and assemble assessments using Single choice questionMultiple choice question softwareMCQ Software, Subjective Marking questions,  Negative Marking questions,  Difficulty level questions. Our Online Question Builder is comprehensive and catered for all type assessment questions. Assessment Creator Software takes full advantage of question management to build assessments. 

   There are mainly prominent features of Assessment management Software which will be detailed here:

  A number of students can be registered for assessment. 

   Assessment can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. 

   Assessment is a free format where students are allowed to used internet facilities but their own input is judged by the teachers and headmasters. 

   Assessment can be monitored by the teachers on the regular basis,

  Assessment objective type answers are marked manually. 

   Assessment subjective answers are marked manually with guidelines based on the Assessment Management Software. Each organization can set their own guidelines for marking. 

   Our Online Assessment Management Software is the best assessment software available today with a rich set of functionalities to encourage and promote students progress.  

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