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    Assessment Creator Software is the heart of all the assessments and homework. It’s very powerful and all of the assessment resources are freely available on the cloud. Its usages web-based technology and online internet facility with any device can be used for assessments. No extra resources or machines are required. 

   Assessment Creator Software allows creating assessments like homework. It makes use of inbuilt Question Maker Software which allows assessment questions to be built and persisted to online question bank ( see Simple Question Bank Software ). All the questions for assessments need to be the same quality and the same precision hence our assessment software deploys the same methodology for assessments as they are used for examinations and tests. 

   Firstly, it creates a number of assessments for the department. There can be any number of assessments per topic as needed for Schools, Colleges or Universities. Once the assessments are created then our Question Builder Software helps to select a question and assign to the assessments. 

   Questions can be from any topic for instance if we creating a science assessment, questions can be from Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Nuclear Science. The topic is the lowest denominator, top-level hierarchy consisting of Category, Sub-Category and Topics. Single Choice Question Software is available for simplicity.     There can be any number of topics under sub-category and similarly any number of sub-categories under the category. Assessment Creator Software has a wide choice to choose and select and assign it to the assessments. 

   Once all of the formalities for building assessments are done then they are scheduled as homework with a number of options attached. Assessments are assigned at the class level and every class takes part in the different set of assessments, it is the responsibility of the Assessment Creator Software to ensure and tag and make it available for allocation to the assignments. 

   Our Assignment Builder they are assigned to the students and ready to be executed by the students. Once they are submitted it then follows the manual and auto marking process but the responsibility and onus are the Assessment Management Software.


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